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Little White Earbuds Presents Fabrice Lig

LWE got in touch with Fabrice Lig to find out more about his new album album, his early days of clubbing in Ghent, and what he has gained from more than 20 years in the business. He also put together an exclusive mix for us that is his personal homage to the Detroit sound that has kept him inspired all these years.

Fabrice Lig, Digital Forest

Digital Forest follows shortly after the prolific Fabrice Lig’s third album, Genesis Of the Deep for Fine Art Recordings, finding a connective thread in their boundless energy and enthusiasm for densely layered arrangements.

Exclusive DOTW: Fabrice Lig, Fusion

Our exclusive Download of the Week comes from Belgian producer extraordinare Fabrice Lig’s newly released album, Geneis of the Deep.

Fabrice Lig & Titonton Duvante, That Connection EP

When it comes to artist collaborations, there are some that pique interest and others that positively get mouths watering. For me a Fabrice Lig and Titonton Duvante pairing falls closer to the latter category. Both bring a defined perspective to each project they tackle, usually resulting in something interesting if not down right essential. For Lig, his productions have used Detroit and Chicago as a touchstone for inspiration, focusing on potent melodic themes that guide his techno and house creations into vibrant areas of musicality that can put a collective smile on whole dance floors. His recent Evolutionism album as Soul Designer took that approach in full, yielding salient references to jazz and funk seen through a white European lens. While not as prolific, Duvante’s output has been ripe with genre stretching creativity from day one. His aptly titled “Embryonic” EP melded moody strings with time stretched electro breaks, foreshadowing the broken beat movement by several years. Since then Duvante’s attacked techno from several angles but always with a firm attention to complex rhythm structures and frequently eyebrow-raising explicit song titles.