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Space Dimension Controller, Welcome to Mikrosektor-50

Space Dimension Controller’s long-in-gestation debut LP is an honest-to-god Electronic Concept Album managing to effortlessly incorporate storytelling devices while flirting with moments of musical brilliance.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Space Dimension Controller

With his long awaited debut album finally arriving next week, LWE interviewed Belfast’s Space Dimension Controller via email about his interplanetary outlook.

Space Dimension Controller, Pathway to Tiraquon6

Since Thrillz there’s been talk of an SDC album, and in typically gratuitous fashion Jack Hamill and R&S ended the year with a 49-minute “prequel” to said long-player.

Anthony “Shake” Shakir, Frictionalism 1994-2009 Remixes Part 1/2

Frictionalism serves as the jump-off point for remixes by two of Shake’s most perceptible descendants, Falty DL and Space Dimension Controller.

Space Dimension Controller, Temporary Thrillz

SDC wears a number of different hats on Temporary Thrillz, his new doublepack for R&S, without ever sounding like he’s finding his footing.

Fabrice Lig, Digital Forest

Digital Forest follows shortly after the prolific Fabrice Lig’s third album, Genesis Of the Deep for Fine Art Recordings, finding a connective thread in their boundless energy and enthusiasm for densely layered arrangements.

Space Dimension Controller, Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere

Jack Hamill can be forgiven for his cosmically comical references, from the outer-planetary names he gives his music to the cover art that looks like it was beamed direct to Earth some time in the early 80’s. He can be forgiven these things because it doesn’t hide any of his incredible talent, which becomes very clear upon first listening to one of his releases.