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Talking Shopcast with Hypercolour

LWE got in touch with Hypercolour to talk about the rise of the label, fostering their talent and how they tackle the workload that eight different labels gives you. Alex Jones also put together Talking Shopcast 17, which provides a tantalizing peek at some upcoming Hypercolour and affiliated releases.

Axel Boman, Black Magic Boman EP

Axel Boman returns to Hypercolour for his first solo release since 2011, the lush and adventurous Black Magic Boman EP.

Alex Coulton, Adventures in 4×4 EP

Hype_LTD’s tenth release comes from the buzzed about Alex Coulton, a four-tracker firmly rooted to the dance floor to rather utilitarian ends.

Maxxi Soundsystem feat. Name One, Regrets We Have No Use For

Maxxi Soundsystem’s “Regrets We Have No Use For” is relatable in its ethos, catchy in its simplicity, and if all was right in the world, it’d be owning radio airwaves.

Amir Alexander, Everybody’s Beautiful EP

Amir Alexander’s meteoric rise continues with the subliminally charged Everybody’s Beautiful EP for Hypercolour off-shoot, Hype_LTD.

Tom Demac, Obstructing The Light EP

Tom Demac’s Obstructing The Light carries on the Glass Table tradition of confounding as it delivers intriguing house dispatches.

Glimpse/Martin Dawson/Alex Jones, Fat Controller

A collaboration between Martin Dawson, Glimpse and Hypercolour’s honcho, Alex Jones, Fat Controller is easily beat by Roman Flügel’s singular remix.