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John Daly, Solar Sailing

The tenth volume on John Daly’s One Track Records provides a good value over it’s three tracks if perhaps not enough variety.

John Daly, The Breakthrough

After producing two stunning and very different albums last year, John Daly is back on the 12″ trail and no doubt keen to shoot off in some new direction.

TSC, Listen

With Listen, John Daly steps away from the dance floor to produce an album of home listening electronic music that manages to maintain the high standard of his better known work.

Little White Earbuds Interviews John Daly

John Daly’s genuine passion for early house and disco has enabled him to advance their contemporary forms, rather than just repeat history. When LWE got together to chat with Daly, we found just what you’d expect: a man with plenty of thought behind his work.

LWE Podcast 19: John Daly retires this week

Our 19th podcast was assembled by John Daly, Feel Music manager and a connoisseur of dubbed out house grooves. Make sure to add it to your collection before it heads off to the archives on Friday, August 20th at 10am CST.

RezKar, Above The Clouds

LWE’s Kuri Kondrak caught up with South Africa’s RezKar two weeks ago, noting the promise of big things to come. RezKar’s newest, one track backed by four remixes on the Running Back label, is significantly more assured, without quite seeming to realize the potential present in earlier efforts. There are a number of very good things in the original mix of “Above the Clouds”: pretty melodies that dance through artful synth arrangements, defying both hands in the air schmaltz and limpid disco house recombinations. This is a good trick to know, and the track generally betrays a good ear and considerate attention to musical quality. But carefully negotiating a divide that has at its one end Gui Boratto and its other Prins Thomas is an insufficient accomplishment for someone whose earlier output promised galloping individuality.

Hunch, Travel The Earth

If you missed out on Hunee’s debut 12″, the “Tour de Force EP,” and judged his output solely on this release you may not fully believe what I am about to tell you: this man is an artist to be reckoned with. Those three tracks of stunning house screamed quality, from the stutter-scat deep house jack of “Rare Silk” to the Jus-Ed-sampling monologue featured on “Cut Down Trees,” they confirmed he had something new to bring to the table. Nothing could be closer to the truth when you look at his recent 12″ under the Hunch moniker for John Daly’s Feel Music imprint. “Travel The Earth” may not be contain the same enviable balance of DJ-ready rhythms and melodic fulfillment, but does reach for a mysterious blend of organic and electronic abstraction.

LWE Podcast 19: John Daly

Only three years ago John Daly was just an upstart from Cork, Ireland, whose raw and ready tunes on his own Feel Music made small waves. These days each highly anticipated Daly release (and there are a lot of them) rocks the boat, as his dubbed out grooves for Francois K’s Wave Music, IRR, Plak and Drumpoet Community becomes a fixture of many house and techno DJs’ sets. The effortlessness of his inviting and varied productions have well earned the crate space. In kind, we wanted to hear what’s pulling its weight in Mr. Daly’s crates, and thus was born our exclusive 19th podcast. Moving from hypnotic deep-house to interstellar disco and future primitive techno, Daly’s set speaks louder than his tight-lipped interview. Strap on your headphones and absorb what the man has to say.

Little White Earbuds April Charts

01. STL, “Silent State” [Smallville Records]
02. Ben Watt ft. Julia Biel, “Guinea Pig” (DJ Koze’s Vocal Variation remix) [Buzzin Fly Records]
03. John Daly, “This Is A Lonely Beat” [Drumpoet Community]
04. Boris Hotton, “Bon Voyage” [Troubled Kids Records]
05. Gruber & Nurnberg, “Traffic” (Agnès remix)
[Bloop Recordings]
06. Dplay, “Huub Sand” [Running Back]
07. Martyn, Great Lengths [3024]
08. Point G, “Headache” [Innervisions]
09. Ben Klock, One [Ostgut Tonträger]
10. Kode9, “Black Sun” [Hyperdub]

John Daly, Atlantis EP

[Wave Music] John Daly has quickly proven to be one of the most promising new producers to emerge over the 18 months. The young Irishman’s productions are as deep and elemental as they are anachronistic, recalling a simpler era of electronic music dominated by artists such as Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream), Manuel Göttsching (Ash Ra […]