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TSC, Listen

With Listen, John Daly steps away from the dance floor to produce an album of home listening electronic music that manages to maintain the high standard of his better known work.


Nochexxx and Ekoplekz don new monikers and sounds for their Exoferric/Latent Acid split LP for Further Records.

Pye Corner Audio, The Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1 & 2

Originating from a mysterious, digital source, the first two of Pye Corner Audio’s vivid and affecting The Black Mill Tapes have been pressed to vinyl by Type and tape by Further Records.

Ian Martin, Mechanical Rain

Judging by Mechanical Rain, Ian Martin’s latest effort for Seattle’s Further Records, he’s aiming to soundtrack some seriously creepy moments.

Nuel, Trance Mutation

Nuel confounds expectations with his full-length debut for Further Records — an album that exists outside the techno sphere while feeling comfortable in its orbit.

Donato Dozzy, K

What Donato Dozzy’s album K lacks in information it more than makes up for in emotion and atmosphere.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Labels

Six full months into 2010, the record labels that have impressed me the most have one thing in common: from record to record, their releases are as varied as they are superb. Here are five record labels, in no particular order, that stood tallest in my memory and heaviest in my collection.

Aybee, Ancient Tones

Despite its inauspicious beginnings, Aybee ends up making one hell of a statement on his cassette tape-only album, Ancient Tones.