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Joker, Skitta / I Think You Should Know

Joker’s latest single for Kapsize fails to improve on his disappointing LP by bringing a grating trance sensibility to the table.

L-Wiz, Straitjacket/4.42 OZ

On their latest single, L-Wiz focus on laid-back rhythms that feel at home with American R&B melodies, all while pushing through plenty of low end.

Guido, Anidea

Whether through futuristic dance tracks, melodic epics, or R&B pop, the bobbing grooves and soulful sound of Bristol reigns over Anidea and proves Guido to be a true student of his city’s musical heritage.

LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2009 (10-6)

Joker/2000F & J Kamata, Digidesign

[Hyperdub] Joker, as his name perhaps suggests, is not one to take his productions to seriously. His tracks tend to be brash and rude, and they shun emotion like it’s a man in a collar at a dubstep rave. It’s hard to ignore the attitude of adolescent rebellion hat infects Joker tracks. When he and […]