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Theo Parrish, Hand Made EP

Those left wanting by the abrasion of Theo Parrish’s Any Other Styles will find the Hand Made EP for Running Back more classicist and even functional.

Theo Parrish, Any Other Styles

“Any Other Styles” sees Theo Parrish whip up a flurry of kung-fu samples without placing them neatly into a groove, leaving some scratching their heads and others allured.

Rick Wilhite, Analog Aquarium

Analog Aquarium is as you’d expect it to be: an album made entirely on analogue equipment that sounds all at once a timeless classic and futuristic.

LWE Interviews Theo Parrish

LWE recently checked in with Theo Parrish, finding him as busy — and as brilliant — as ever.

LWE’s Movement 2010 Review

As May rolls around each year, many dance music fans in America and around the world instinctively reach for their wallets and begin making preparations for Detroit’s annual electronic music festival, Movement.

LWE’s Guide to Movement Detroit 2010

With so much to choose from, LWE has decided to reprise last year’s popular festival guide. Because the daily schedule has not yet been released we’re breaking things down by stage, so at least you’ll know where to be to see these incredible artists at work.

Billy Love, Melloghettomental

Few contemporary producers elicit unqualified, borderline worshipful praise quite like Theo Parrish. The mere mention of his name is enough to cause the eyes of house-heads to glaze over as they exhale the longest, most reverent “Ohhhhhh, dude” imaginable. The cynic in you refuses to believe that any producer, let alone one working today, could live up to this sort of breathlessness, but Parrish — now well into the second decade of his discography — consistently does. I often wonder if his sounding like practically no one else is a function of him understanding house better than practically everyone else: whether in the slow shuffle of his Sound Signature 12″s or the unbridled eclecticism of his legendary DJ sets, Parrish commits to the groove with a warmth, adventurousness, and veritable taxonomy of influences that makes him the standard-bearer for so many of us who love this music. I could keep talking about Theo for the next three days, but I haven’t mentioned Billy Love’s new doublepack for Sound Signature yet, and I’m pretty sure my eyes are starting to glaze over.

LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2009 (10-6)

Leron Carson, The Red Lightbulb Theory

Though “Red Lightbulb Theory” has been charted by, among others, Lawrence and Tama Sumo, and comes “highly recommended” at nearly every vinyl outlet, one wonders if anyone besides Theo Parrish, whose Sound Signature label put the record out, and Omar-S, who is credited with engineering and editing work, knows just who the hell Leron Carson is. Dude has the sparsest Discogs entry I’ve ever seen, with only one previous release listed: the B-side of SS012, “The 1987 EP,” which featured his (almost literally) hypnotic “China Trax” along with Parrish’s “Insane Asylum.” Apparently, the five tracks on this two-record set come from the same sessions as ““China Trax” — recorded when Carson was fifteen years old. In Parrish’s own words, this music was “hand made, meaning no sequencing was used for the keys on any of the songs featured, using cassette tape overdubs — a lost science.”