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Lukid, Lonely At The Top

While on the surface Lonely at the Top has much in common with Actress’s latest release, beneath this veneer, Lukid’s fourth LP is his strongest and most distinctive work to date.

LWE Podcast 104: Lukid is archived this week

LWE’s 104th podcast, by Lukid, was a captivating mix of post-punk, classic grime, house, and much more that displayed the wide reach of his inspiration. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, October 12th.

LWE Podcast 111: Nochexxx

LWE got in touch with Nochexxx to find out more about the Cambridge producer and what the future holds for his music. He also put together our 111th exclusive podcast, a brilliantly surreal yet soothing journey that Henson issues with explicit listening instructions.

Unknown Artist, Freak For You / Point And Gaze

If Beats In Space‘s Tim Sweeney showed up to play your town’s roller rink with his signature blond shag dyed coal black and fresh blood trickling from the corners of his mouth, would you be terrified or freaking pumped at the prospect of pogo-ing to satanic slow-mo disco edits until he had to tuck back into his coffin at dawn? Assuredly, “Freak For You/Point And Gaze,” the latest 12″ from Werk Discs and its founder Actress’s shadowy Thriller imprint, would be at the front of his crate on such a spooky evening.