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Factory Floor, Fall Back

That Factory Floor’s Fall Back arrives during a moment when their brand of post-industrial acid-sheen is très en vogue couldn’t be more opportune for the three-piece UK outfit.

Madteo, Noi No

Noi No, the result of Finnish based Sähkö Recordings unexpectedly inviting Madteo into their catalog, is a wild and unsettling ride for both parties.

FaltyDL, Straight & Arrow

“Straight & Arrow” is the lead single from FaltyDL’s forthcoming full-length, Hardcourage, and once again Drew Lustman has flipped the formula.

LWE Reviews Moogfest 2012

With the festival and a massive hurricane behind him, LWE contributor Michael C. Walsh offers his blow-by-blow take on Asheville, NC’s Moogfest 2012.

Flying Lotus, Until The Quiet Comes

Doubling back after a series of increasingly intense musical statements, Flying Lotus offers up the somewhat inconsequential Until The Quiet Comes as his fourth album.

Roaming, Believe In Reflecting

Moomin joins forces with Christopher Rau under the moniker Roaming; and while expectedly deep, the result doesn’t quite bear the same weight that either has plied as of late.

Midland & Pariah, SHEWORKS003

With their collaborative 12″ for Works The Long Nights, Midland and Pariah take the plunge from bass music-influenced house music into the dank pool of techno.