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Factory Floor, Fall Back

That Factory Floor’s Fall Back arrives during a moment when their brand of post-industrial acid-sheen is très en vogue couldn’t be more opportune for the three-piece UK outfit.

LWE Podcast 135: Gavin Russom

Gavin Russom told LWE about integrating magic with music and the advantages on taking on remix work. He also provided us with our 135th exclusive podcast, which sees the producer lay down a special on-the-fly mix through some of his most prized records.

Joe Goddard, Gabriel Remixes

Joe Goddard’s “Gabriel” was destined for great remixes and gets four rock-solid interpretations coming from four very different angles.

Peach Melba, Can’t Let Go

A new collaboration between Juan MacLean and American vocalist Amy Douglas, Peach Melba deals in rigid, taut grooves halfway between house and disco.

Invisible Conga People, In A Hole/Can’t Feel My Knees

DFA commissioned Invisible Conga People for a four-track EP which shows them picking up more or less where they left off three years ago.

Michoacan, In The Dark Of The Night

San Francisco-based Michoacan (aka Fernando Miranda Rios) is one of those artists who’ve thus far managed to make a pretty decent name for themselves while remaining mostly hidden from view. No real bio, a couple of Q&As dotted around but bar that, nada. Up until now, that is. Prior to this release Michoacan had been dropping a slew of low slung ’80s disco-pop on the likes of Lecktroluv and Grayhound Recordings, as well as dance floor-baiting cosmic disco cuts for Bear Funk or Tiny Sticks. But with In The Dark Of the Night the game has changed: DFA is involved, videos have been made, and buzz has been growing louder as the record creeps into springtime playlists and mixes.

Black Van, Yearning

2010 looks like it will be a big year for DFA with the hotly anticipated final album from LCD Soundsystem due out in the next two months. Already they’ve been warming up their release sheet with Yacht, Michocan and Ray Mang featuring a vocal comeback of sorts for Lady Miss Kier. Black Van have also presented their debut on the label, which on closer inspection reveals two veteran producers collaborating on a new disco project. Oliver Kowalski from Hamburg duo Moonbootica and French producer Kris Menace who has remixed everyone from Robbie Williams to Tracey Thorn have come together with ongoing aspirations, Yearning being the first fruit of their labor.

Still Going, Spaghetti Circus/Untitled Love

On July 12, 1979, during the intermission of a doubleheader between the White Sox and the Detroit Tigers, rock radio DJ Steve Dahl hosted an event called Disco Demolition Derby at Chicago’s Comiskey Park. Amidst cries of “disco sucks!” a seething army of Middle America, fifty thousand strong, participated in the destruction of disco records, culminating in a near-riot and prompting the appearance of police on horseback. Though the myopic, racist, homophobic nature of such an event should be glaringly obvious, the likes of Dahl have had a lasting effect on popular conceptions of dance music, and particularly of disco. Since then, the efforts of those who produce and play disco are often branded with the faddish tag, “revival,” invoking the “day disco died” as an actual fact and a possible recurrence.

Cage & Aviary, Television Train

Disco might have regained lost popularity in the last couple years, but more often than not, it’s still a collectors’ game. Take Cage and Aviary (Jamie Paton and Nigel Hoyle), a partnership which began on the super-vogue Dissident Distribution label. Releasing one-sided and ultra-limited edition singles, Cage and Aviary’s 200 copies per record would almost surely lose money for Dissident — if the label cared about promotion or profit. Instead, Dissident has become a means to an end, letting Cage and Aviary to, as they describe it, “win the cosmic lottery” and begin their recording careers.

Syclops, Where’s Jason’s K

[DFA] Last year Maurice Fulton posted a blog entry on his Myspace profile that gently warned journalists their interview requests would be turned down outright. “…Some UK mag wrote thangs about my friends that I didn’t say. Ever since that happend [sic], I stay clear away from interviewers. I love my friends.” His affection also […]