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LWE’s Top 10 Albums of 2012

LWE Reviews Moogfest 2012

With the festival and a massive hurricane behind him, LWE contributor Michael C. Walsh offers his blow-by-blow take on Asheville, NC’s Moogfest 2012.

Andy Stott, Luxury Problems

Andy Stott’s Luxury Problems is the work of a producer who seeking to discover what forms his now-signature sound can mutate into.

LWE Guide To VIA Festival 2012

VIA is the nexus of once-in-a-lifetime performances in intimate venues, not to be missed if you can make it to Pittsburgh. As a media partner of the festival, LWE presents its guide to the festival.

LWE Podcast 81: Millie & Andrea is archived this week

LWE’s 81st Podcast, mixed by Millie & Andrea, incorporated elements of techno, dubstep, juke, jungle, and old hardcore. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, April 6th.

LWE’s Top 10 Albums of 2011

After much internal wrangling and voting, LWE has chosen the top 10 albums that feel representative of 2011.

LWE’s Top 5 Artists Who Defined 2011

For our third year-end piece, Andrew Ryce draws our attention to the top 5 artists whose output defined this year.

Andy Stott, We Stay Together

A companion record to May’s Passed Me By, We Stay Together finds Andy Stott further plumbing the sludgy depths of its predecessor.

LWE’s Guide to Alpha-ville Festival 2011

Check out LWE’s guide to Alpha-ville Festival 2011 and win a pair of tickets to see Matthew Dear, Kangding Ray, Anstam, Jennifer Cardini and more.

Little White Earbuds May Charts 2011

01. Specter, “Pipe Bomb” [Sound Signature]
02. Soundstore, “Take U” [Ostgut Ton]
03. Trickski, “Wilderness” (Genius Of Time Remix) [Suol]
04. Dan Berkson, “Anything For You” [Crosstown Rebels]
05. Maya Jane Coles, “Focus Now” [20:20 Vision]
06. Andy Stott, “Intermittent” [Modern Love]
07. MD, “It Ain’t What It Ain’t” [Rush Hour Recordings]
08. Morphosis, “Kawn” [M>O>S/Delsin/Morphine]
09. Pittsburgh Track Authority, “77B” [Uzuri]
10. DJ Yoav B, “Wisdom Bob” [Meakusa]

Andy Stott, Passed Me By

Andy Stott’s Passed Me By might be dance music shaved down to within an inch of its life, but it’s an inch far too tantalizing to be left for dead.

LWE Podcast 81: Millie & Andrea

LWE tracked down Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker to get to the bottom of their alter-ego pseudonym, find out what their working process was like and to pry out a ridiculously weighty podcast that will seriously mess with those who can’t handle low-end frequencies.

Andy Stott, Tell Me Anything/Love Nothing

Andy Stott’s latest release gets fathoms deep in the feeling with two horizontal pieces of house for slate grey days and heavy-hearted catharsis.

Andrea, You Still Got Me/Got To Forget

Popular music has always flirted with the idea of gender ambiguity. David Bowie and indeed much of the glam rock scene supposed flouncy gender-bending alter-egos and it has been a theme employed time and again by many an artist, finding its way into dance music probably first through people like Brian Eno and Throbbing Gristle. Having followed the releases on Modern Love’s offspring imprint Daphne with some fervour, I was surprised however to find out that the Millie & Andrea duo who had been issuing blunt, dreadnought dubs, were in fact not studio-wise ladies with a penchant for bum-worrying bass, but MLZ and Andy Stott. Going it alone for this one, Andrea (Stott) marks the change with two tracks considerably more “feminine” by nature, instilling measured doses of honeyed vocals into both “You Still Got Me” and “Got To Forget.”

Andy Stott, Night Jewel

Modern Love have made a huge impact in 2009; the past few months alone have seen crucial releases by Claro Intelecto, MLZ and Demdike Stare. Now it’s label staple Andy Stott’s turn as he returns with only his second release this year, and it’s one that’s been well worth waiting for. Where Stott’s “Brief Encounter/Drippin” twelve he dropped earlier in the year pandered to his late night deep techno and dubstep sides, the single sided “Night Jewel” finds Stott in a much more lively state of mind, ready for some serious sneaker squeaking.

Andy Stott, Brief Encounter/Drippin

When LWE interviewed Shlom, manager of Manchester’s Modern Love imprint, he described Andy Stott as “one of the most musically hungry people I’ve ever met.” It’s an apt characterization of a producer who gobbles up dance music sub-genres and spits back potent hybrids with little concern for which camps might enjoy them. Last year’s Unknown Exception compilation capably documented his approach by collecting wide-ranging singles such as the serrated dub monster “The Massacre” and bass bin-rattler “”Handle With Care.” Stott and his fans have worked up quite an appetite for fresh material after all this looking back, but whether his first single of 2009, “Brief Encounter/Drippin,” will leave listeners satisfied is open for debate.

Talking Shop with Modern Love

Welcome to the third edition of our series of short interviews affectionately titled Talking Shop. The majority of media and fan attention gets showered on the artists who create the music we love to listen to/DJ with/dance to, and for good reasons. But without the hard work, keen ears and business savvy of label staff, […]