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A Sagittariun, The Circle Stops Somewhere

The Circle Stops Somewhere is the debut 12” from both A Sagittariun and the Elastic Dreams label which comes with a major selling point: a remix by Mike Dehnert as MD2.

Mike Dehnert, Oblique

Arriving in the wake of his Framework album, Mike Dehnert’s Oblique EP is where we leave behind the day-trippers and get into the real fun.

Mike Dehnert, Framework

Framework is the definitive Fachwerk opus, a portfolio of Mike Dehnert’s many, many variations on a theme.

Talking Shopcast with Delsin

LWE caught up with Marsel van der Wielen to reflect on the long, strange journey Delsin has taken and where he sees it leading to next. We also drafted Delsin/Ann Aimee signing Delta Funktionen to mix together Talking Shopcast 10 as a special treat.

Mike Dehnert, Spreepool

Still very much focused on the Basic Channel/Tresor legacy, Mike Dehnert manages to tease and tweak new interpretations out of that general formula on Spreepool.

Mike Dehnert, MD2

Limited to 150 copies and containing scant information, Mike Dehnert’s latest release (and the first record on MD2) could hardly be seen as an attempt to build on his recent high-profile work for Clone. Like the unassuming presentation, the Berlin producer also delivers music that, coming after a succession of grandiose re-approximations of chord-heavy classic techno, is more understated and less, well, epic.