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Vril, Vortekz

Vortekz, Vril’s first EP for Delsin, offers relentless, tiered dub techno with the internal rhythmic logic of sneakers in a dryer.

Conforce, Kinetic Image

On Kinetic Image, the increasingly gloomy sound Confrorce has been cultivating reaches new levels of seriousness.

Various Artists, 100DSR/VAR1

It’s hard not to feel excited about 100DSR series, Delsin’s symbolic arrival at catalog number 100, which kicks off with Claro Intelecto, Gerry Read, and Unbroken Dub.

Talking Shopcast 10: Delta Funktionen is archived this week

LWE’s 10th Talking Shopcast was a blazing hour of house and techno contributed by Delsin affiliate Delta Funktionen. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, April 5th.

John Beltran, Amazing Things

Amazing Things is John Beltran’s first album in six years, showcasing plenty that’s familiar from his past, while still keeping a few tricks up its sleeve.

Conforce, Time Dilation

Time Dilation, Conforce’s latest 12″, continues his present trajectory, traversing the same luminescent, cavernous and dub-influenced realms of recent times.

LWE Podcast 146: Quince

LWE got in touch with the Dutch producer to find out what he’d been up to in that time, what gear he uses to get his particular sound and what his less obvious musical influences are. Showing that his musical expertise lies not just in production, Quince also treated us to over an hour and a half of his inimitable DJ abilities, making our 146th exclusive podcast an instant classic and the best way to start off your week.

D’Marc Cantu, A New World

A New World, D’Marc Cantu’s second album in the last year’s time, is an unpredictable show of character from a very crafty producer.

Delta Funktionen, Traces

Defying the monochrome palette of his previous releases, Delta Funktionen looks back towards classic Warp albums for inspiration on his debut album, Traces.

2Q Reports 2012: Labels

For our final 2Q report, Tyson Wray navigates the sea of labels to select five whose output has been top notch.

Soul 223, Almost Like It Used To Be

Steve Pickton’s Soul 223 moniker returns six years after making its debut, arriving on Delsin with a strengthened sense of purpose.

Conforce, Escapism

Boris Bunnik’s second LP as Conforce, Escapism, helps to further cement his already impeccable reputation as a purveyor of techno.

Claro Intelecto, Second Blood

As Modern Love travel down the rabbit hole of Andy Stott’s gnarled, knackered sounds and Demdike Stare’s sample library witchcraft, Claro Intelecto releases his first proper 12″ in over a year on Delsin.

Hazylujah, Too Many Ghosts

Delsin continues its streak of intriguing new signings with the release of Too Many Ghosts, the debut EP of Italian producer Hazylujah.

Morphosis, Too Far (Dettmann’s Definitions)

Marcel Dettmann offers “Redefinitions” of “Too Far” from Morphosis’ What Have We Learned, but struggles to integrate the original material.

Conforce, Dystopian Elements

Conforce’s return to the Delsin by way of the Dystopian Elements EP is his best work since the Grace EP.

Morphosis, What Have We Learned

Morphosis’ What Have We Learned is conceptually, sonically and emotionally consistent, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the stranger techno albums you’ll hear all year.

Exclusive DOTW: Morphosis, Kawn

“Kawn,” this week’s exclusive download, is the centerpiece of Morphosis’s debut album, What Have We Learned.

Mike Dehnert, Framework

Framework is the definitive Fachwerk opus, a portfolio of Mike Dehnert’s many, many variations on a theme.

Talking Shopcast with Delsin

LWE caught up with Marsel van der Wielen to reflect on the long, strange journey Delsin has taken and where he sees it leading to next. We also drafted Delsin/Ann Aimee signing Delta Funktionen to mix together Talking Shopcast 10 as a special treat.