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Isolée, Allowance

Not known as producer who dabbles in trends, the three tracks of Isolée’s Allowance EP for Pampa Records sound like they could have come from any time in his career.

Lawrence, Kurama

On Kurama, Peter Kersten’s debut for Pampa Records, the veteran producer slims down his sound to its most slender state.

LWE Podcast 88: Salax Peep Show (Axel Boman & Petter)

LWE tracked down Axel Boman and Petter just long enough to pry out some irreverent, informative and at times down right inane answers from two personalities who make a serious point of not taking themselves too seriously. They also provided us with our 88th exclusive podcast, a wide ranging excursion as playful and off the wall as the two characters who created it.

Nathan Fake/DJ Koze, Xmas Rush/Mi Cyaan Believe It

Pampa’s previous releases have been well in line with DJ Koze’s madcap persona, but this split between its owner and Nathan Fake is perhaps its first passion project.