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Little White Earbuds March Charts 2013

This month we’re breaking from tradition and inviting five of LWE’s reviewing staff to offer their thoughts on a top track from March.

Isolée, Allowance

Not known as producer who dabbles in trends, the three tracks of Isolée’s Allowance EP for Pampa Records sound like they could have come from any time in his career.

Various Artists, 2010

Dial’s core aesthetic of chic but understated deep house remains present on 2010, with contributions from label founders Lawrence, Pantha du Prince and Efdemin that stay true, occasionally too much so, to the label’s sound when it was first birthed in Hamburg 10 years ago.

LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2009 (25-21)

Onur Özer, Kasmir Remixes 2

It’s somewhat beyond me why we’re just now hearing the second remix package for Onur Özer’s Kasmir album two years after its release. Though it might seem a bit redundant, we’ve not heard much from the young Turk since Kasmir, so consider it a long overdue stopgap. Tardiness gripes aside, Özer will have bought himself a good chunk of time by enrolling Isolée and Baby Ford to remix “Innervoice” and “Aida” respectively as their interpretations will keep fans buzzing for some time.

Isolée, Albacares

Based on some of the stuff you read these days, you might think it was settled and agreed that we chalk up “October Nightingale” as a misstep in Rajko Müller’s respected career. Myself, I think it’s among the year’s highlights. Surely, plunging into the depths of “A Nightingale” was one of my spring’s richest pleasures. All this is rather beside the point, though, as 2009’s second Isolée record is something else entirely.