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Interplanetary Prophets, Zero Hour

Ital and Hieroglyphic Being join forces as Interplanetary Prophets on the Zero Hour EP, which presents a cohesive and often bombastic journey into suitably dark astral plains.

RP Boo, Legacy

RP Boo has released very few tracks officially; ignoring Dude Off 59th Street, a mix of mostly of his own tracks, it’s fair to call Legacy his debut. It’s also the best footwork LP in some time.

Download of the Week: Rudi Zygadlo, Russian Dolls

This week’s download is the second preview cut from Rudi Zygadlo’s forthcoming album, Tragicomedies.

Protect-U, Motorbike

Seemingly following up on an initiative to sign the semi-related likes of Ital and Polysick, Planet Mu play host to the Protect-U’s third record, Motorbike.

Traxman, Da Mind Of Traxman

Traxman is capable of picking any sample he chooses and disfiguring it to suit his own purposes, and Da Mind Of Traxman accordingly bounces from source to source with ease.

LWE Podcast 83: FaltyDL is archived this week

Be sure to add LWE Podcast 83 to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, May 4th.

Ital, Hive Mind

Hive Mind is easily the most confident and complete Ital statement yet, a competent move to the album format that achieves cohesion without losing vitality or edge.

Ital Tek, Gonga

Ital Tek is the latest Planet Mu stalwart to catch the footwork bug, as shown on his last 2011 effort, Gonga.

Kuedo, Videowave

Kuedo has proven himself to be a restless electronic music innovator who, with his latest EP for Planet Mu, Videowave, begins the process of a new metamorphosis. Illium Sphere, Clark, and Heterotic feature on remix duty.

LWE Interviews Machinedrum

LWE caught up with Machinedrum in Brooklyn a few weeks before he decamped to Berlin for the summer to better know a veteran we expect is about to get his due in a very big way.

Boxcutter, The Dissolve

Despite some stellar tracks and ideas, the sum of The Dissolve‘s parts just doesn’t add up to a coherent whole.

LWE Podcast 83: FaltyDL

In advance of FaltyDL’s June 2nd performance at MUTEK 2011, we spoke about his production ethic, his local and national scene, and his favorite spots for sushi. He also compiled LWE’s 83rd podcast, a blistering 42 minutes of music which leaps across styles and tracks like a sonic gymnast.

FaltyDL, You Stand Uncertain

FaltyDL’s hectic release schedule continues with You Stand Uncertain, his sophomore album on Planet Mu.

Numan, Race Against Time

The angular beats and fluid melodies on Numan’s debut, Race Against Time, fit together in surprising ways and keep listeners guessing.

FaltyDL, Endeavour

FaltyDL continues his string of nearly ineffable releases with the Endeavour EP for Planet Mu.

DJ Nate, Da Trak Genious

One of Chicago’s most idiosyncratic footwork producers is DJ Nate, a highly prolific producer now involved in rap and R&B projects whose Da Trak Genious compiles much of his work from the last few years.

Ikonika, Dckhdbtch

On Dckhdbtch‘s three tracks, Ikonika imbues her video game inspired tracks with a sophistication that was only hinted at in prior work.

Oriol, Night and Day

While bright and easy on the ears, Oriol’s debut album, Night and Day, too often feels like the work a burgeoning talent who is still grappling with his influences.

Starkey, Ephemeral Exhibits

[Planet Mu] In this era of laptop production and file sharing, a genre that once thrived on limited white labels and expensive dubplates was bound to be pushed forward by outsiders. Once only heard in a few south London clubs and on pirate radio, dubstep is now a global phenomenon. You can thank the Internet […]