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LWE Does Unsound Festival New York 2012

After a week’s rest, LWE correspondents Chris Miller and Jordan Rothlein file their report on Unsound New York 2012.

LWE’s Top 5 EPs of 2011

For LWE’s first year-end list, assistant editor, Chris Miller, selects five of the best records of the year which ordinarily escape list-makers.

Sepalcure, Sepalcure

On Sepalcure, the duo now feels like two distinct personalities combining forces, suddenly shifting from an underdog odd couple to a supergroup.

Various Artists, Surreal Estate

Surreal Estate, featuring Sepalcure, Distal, Salva and more, mixes everything from house to hip-hop, dubstep to juke, and all of the electronic funk that sitting in-between.

Braille, A Meaning

Braille’s debut EP for Hotflush Recordings is a typically Sepalcurean mishmash of house and garage influences both U.S. and UK.

LWE Podcast 61: Sepalcure is archived this week

LWE’s 61st podcast, mixed by Sepalcure, was a soulful confection of tech-y house and next-level bass. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, September 12.

Sepalcure, Love Pressure Remixed

Love Pressure Remixed brings together FaltyDL, Lando Kal, XI, Daedelus and Jimmy Edgar to re-examine the first EP by Sepalcure.

Machinedrum, Room(s)

Room(s), the fruit of Stewart’s new production ethic, proves that music can sound as 2011 as any album put out this year without sounding much like anything else.

LWE Interviews Machinedrum

LWE caught up with Machinedrum in Brooklyn a few weeks before he decamped to Berlin for the summer to better know a veteran we expect is about to get his due in a very big way.

DOTW: FaltyDL, St. Marks (Sepalcure Remix)

Two of NY’s hottest bass music talents meet with Sepalcure’s remix of FaltyDL.

Sepalcure, Fleur EP

After their well regarded debut EP, Sepalcure return to Hotflush Recordings for the even more refined Fleur EP.

LWE Podcast 61: Sepalcure

LWE sat down with Sepalcure to find out how they shifted from a casual side-project to Hotflush-approved, extremely-hotly-tipped “lovestep” juggernaut. The boys were also kind enough to provide us with an exclusive mix of the sort of tender house and fiesty bass that’s perhaps best enjoyed with a smooth Malbec and that special someone.

DOTW: Sepalcure, Feeling That I Know So Well

This week’s download, “Feeling I Know So Well,” comes from recent Hotflush discovery Sepalcure.

Sepalcure, Love Pressure

That Brooklyn duo Sepalcure could turn out such relevant and future-forward music on Love Pressure, their first time out, bodes very well.