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  • the citizen’s band | Little White Earbuds

    Tag Archive: the citizen’s band

    Little White Earbuds October Charts

    01. R-Zone, “Romijn Ravine” [R-Zone]
    02. John Barera & Will Martin, “Reality” [Dolly]
    03. Gerstaffelen, “Game On Major” [M>O>S Recordings]
    04. Deetron ft. Ripperton & Cooly G, “Thinking” [Music Man Records]
    05. Berg, “Vakuum” [Berg]
    06. Benedikt Frey, “Seven Corridors”
    [Love Pain Sunshine & Rain]
    07. TCB, “Monogamie” [Die Orakel]
    08. Tin Man, “Hack” [Pomelo]
    09. Deepchord, “Tantra” [Soma Quality Recordings]
    10. Signature Series, “Canopy” [Bad Party Records]

    TCB, Monogamie

    Like Live At Robert Johnson, the label he runs with Ata, Oliver Hafenbauer’s Die Orakel imprint mines left of center sounds with The Citizen’s Band.

    Little White Earbuds May Charts 2013

    01. DJ Overdose, “Housing the House”
    [Lunar Disko Records]
    02. The Citizen’s Band, The Softest Touch”
    Live At Robert Johnson]
    03. Leonid, “SD2″ [Photic Fields]
    04. Koehler, “Kiss Me Deadly” [Skudge White]
    05. Stellar OM Source, “Elite Excel” (Kassem Mosse Remix) [RVNG Intl.]
    06. Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald, “Electric Garden” [Tresor]
    07. DJ Sprinkles, Where Dancefloors Stand Still [Mule Musiq]
    08. Djrum, “Honey” [2nd Drop Records]
    09. Outboxx, “Sunshine Mills” [Idle Hands]
    10. Juju & Jordash, “A Stab In The Dark” [Ostgut Ton]

    Little White Earbuds May Charts 2012

    01. Head High, “Rave” (Dirt Mix) [Power House]
    02. Marco Bernardi, “The Burning Love Ensemble”
    [Royal Oak]
    03. Omar, “Lay It Down” (André Lodemann New Vocal Mix) [Best Works Records]
    04. Bass Clef, “Walworth Road Acid Trapdoor”
    [Punch Drunk]
    05. Maayan Nidam, “Trippin’ Over You” [Cadenza]
    06. Dream 2 Science, “How Do I Love Thee”
    [Rush Hour Recordings]
    07. Pépé Bradock, “12Turn13″ [Atavisme]
    08. The Citizen’s Band, “Densed”
    [Live At Robert Johnson]
    09. Lone, “As A Child (Feat. Machinedrum)”
    [R&S Records]
    10. Actress, “The Lord’s Graffiti”
    [Honest Jon's Records]

    The Citizen’s Band, Broken Rome

    Like its predecessor, Broken Rome sheds past aesthetics like last season’s wardrobe, favoring a demented if relatively more conventional house sound that leaves a few roots showing.

    LWE’s Top 30 Tracks of 2011 (30-21)

    As in past years, LWE’s reviewing staff has devoted a great deal effort combing through the year’s releases to select our top 30 favorite tracks of 2011. Your mileage may vary and many great tracks were left out, but for us these selections defined our 2011 listening experiences.