LWE Curator's Cuts 32: Per Bojsen-Møller LWE Curator’s Cuts 32: Per Bojsen-Møller

LWE’s podcast producer, Per Bojsen-Møller, compiled Curator’s Cuts 32. We will post the tracklist later in the week, as the curator discloses and describes it as part of the podcast.

LWE Podcast 193: Appleblim & Komon LWE Podcast 193: Appleblim & Komon

LWE jumped at the chance to speak to Appleblim & Komon, in the process finding out more about their personal studio habits, their outlook on their music and how a view of constant discovery has emboldened their productions. They also put together our 193rd exclusive podcast, which at a staggering 32 tracks and nearly two hours is going to keep fans of the pair very happy for a long time.

LWE Podcast 192: Marco Bernardi LWE Podcast 192: Marco Bernardi

LWE caught up with Marco Bernardi to find out more about his past, find out what his favorite keyboard jam is and to learn about his new Take The Elevator label. He was responsible for our 192nd exclusive podcast as well, which due to the sheer number of exclusives making up this sweltering hour and a half of techno, he has asked us to withhold the track list for. So for this week, put the anoraks down and just enjoy!