Little White Earbuds March Charts 2012

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01. Hunee, “Tide”
[Rush Hour Recordings] (buy)

“Let’s grow!” It’s an innocuous enough statement at the bottom of Hunee’s SoundCloud “about” section, but it so perfectly describes his modest ambitions over these last three years. He started from a firm base in 2009 with his releases on W.T. Records and Feel Music, and yet every record since he’s made strides in the strength and coherence of his arrangements while solidifying the melodic sensibility that’s served him so well. “Tide,” the lead track of his new single for Rush Hour, is perhaps the greatest expression of his abilities so far. So thrilling and energetic are its arrangements, it’s difficult to believe a tune this kinetic clocks in at a leisurely 117bpm. The carefully balance achieved between its jiggly bass synth and the swooping pads gives the sense that the elements are actually dancing with each other as they’re inspiring dancers to do the same. Hunee gets so much out of his glinting hi-hats and clustered kicks with thoughtful accenting, affording the whole track a subtle bounce that’s nonetheless quite affecting. Not only is “Tide” impeccably assembled and conceived, few peers come to mind when trying to place the tune in context. Better to just put it in your bag next to all your other favorite records and use it to get those early arrivals or late departures wiggling. Essential.

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02. Conforce, “24” (Gesloten Cirkel Remix)
[Clone Basement Series] (buy)

Do you think Ratsnakes have extrasensory organs the rest of us don’t? It’s not an entirely unreasonable conclusion to draw from the short but potent oeuvre of Gesloten Cirkel, the only commercially available project from the mysterious Ratsnake. While not entirely divorced from the realities of contemporary dance music, his tracks tend to lead audiences to sounds and patterns they didn’t know they would enjoy, whether it’s “cockadoodledo!” or the whirring of an industrial strength blender. And even when these revelatory sounds come at the expense of their own fidelity, Ratsnake’s aesthetic compass has yet to steer us wrong. His latest dispatch, a remix of Conforce’s steely “24,” might as well be a GC original. Greeting us with a nearly nonsensical vocal (“I’m gonna use ya”?) almost worthy of the Kassem Mosse “Enchilada” award, the track’s boot-to-the-throat kicks march on a plucked riff that at once feels busy and a touch too slow all at once. Dusted with an eerie, whistling melody, it’s the kind of tune which wouldn’t work if not for Ratsnake’s adept arrangements — and because he knew it would fill up dance floors before we even heard it.

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03. Credit 00, “The Living Room Life”
[Uncanny Valley] (buy)

One by one, the Dresden-based producers who were introduced to the world through Uncanny Valley’s various artists EPs are getting their chance to stretch out across EPs. Happily, the first impressions made by their one off tracks have generally proved to be quite indicative of the quality that’s followed. The latest is Alexander Dorn, better known as Credit 00, who offers a wonky, unpredictable takes on Midwestern techno and electro on The Living Room EP. Perhaps the most straightforward is the title track, in which Dorn’s sense of feng shui affords each element enough space to avoid overshadowing the rest. Its affable, main synth line could be a wheelie chair, feeling free to roam beyond its initial patterns — the blocky bass line acting as an ottoman which follows close behind. Meanwhile, the hi-hat blinds restlessly open and close and the high pitched toms pace the length of the room. The track’s pacing keeps its limited but versatile elements feeling fresh, sometimes leaning forward and others reclining to the beat of a well placed clap pattern. And when dropped at the right time, it give dancers a break from predictable 4/4 patterns without pushing them out of the groove.

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04. Distal, “Behold The Jungle Bootleg”
[Well Rounded Individuals] (buy)

Atlanta’s Distal has no trouble skipping from genre to genre between records and even within tunes: house, garage, techno, acid, juke, and a variety of bass musics are all well within his reach. So it should come as no surprise that “Behold The Jungle Bootleg” is an adroit and thoroughly thrilling take on the revered sound. It’s the kind of tune for which you don’t need a deep understanding of jungle to fall head over heels in love with it. That process starts with orchestral swells swaying in half time, beckoning for listeners to conduct along before a barrage of gatling gun claps and rimshots compel the feet into motion as well. Sure, there’s a chopped up “Amen” break in there, too, but the yelping vocals and sizzling, circuit surging breakdowns are what make “Behold” so engaging. Even when held up next to the record’s other cuts, including his collaboration with DJ Rashad, it stands out as an accomplished and varied blend of sounds that could only have come from a producer like Distal. Another fine signing by the Well Rounded Records guys for their Well Rounded Individuals sub-label.

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05. Isola Dusk, “Waiting For You”
[2 Floors Down] (buy)

So often these days if a UK bass/house track possesses females vocals they’ve been chopped from some bit of history or are the source material for remix. That’s all well and fine, but it’s always nice to hear the results of someone having the nerve to actually involve the woman herself in the creative process — or better yet, to start a group with her. That’s just what Bristol’s Pete Thomas has done with the project Isola Dusk, which not only features Alice-Marie Archer’s vocals and songwriting, but also contributions from guitarists and a live percussionist. The title track of Isola Dusk’s new single, Waiting For You, doesn’t come off like the output of a band. It’s a moody slice of UK house which finds Archer’s dejected but still quite alluring lyrics tiptoeing between the spaces in a gently tweaked LFO. Her path is lined with thoughtfully placed cobblestones of percussion, lush organ chords and shuddering pads acting as the breeze against her cheeks. It might not be entirely novel in 2012, but it’s got everything we demand from our contemporary UK tracks assembled in fine order. Even better, it’s proof positive that with patience and a collaborative spirit, this music can successfully be a group endeavor.

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06. Sensate Focus, “X” [Sensate Focus] (buy)
07. Recondite, “Sultry”
[Absurd Recordings/Acid Test] (buy)

08. Kirill Tipo, “Believe In Rhythm”
[Outernational] (buy)

09. San Laurentino, “Somewhere Under The Stars” [Live At Robert Johnson] (buy)
10. October, “String Theory” [Simple Records] (buy)

Staff Charts:

Nick Connellan
01. Lauer, “Trainmann” (Tensnake Tranceman Remix) [Running Back]
02. Photek & Pinch, “M25FM” [Photek Productions]
03. Reggie Dokes, “Make Believe” [Cinematic Records]
04. Bill Youngman, “Centrumcircuit” [Killekill]
05. Radio Nasty, “Radio 1” [The Nothing Special]
06. Automatic Tasty, “Over The Hill” [Lunar Disko Records]
07. Petar Dundov, “Silent Visitor” [Music Man Records]
08. The Rimshooters, “Calling You” [Slow Motion Records]
09. Recondite, “Jaded” (Scuba Remix) [Absurd Recordings/Acid Test]
10. Bill Youngman, “Shadent” [Killekill]

Steve Kerr
01. Claro Intelecto, “It’s Getting Late” [Delsin]
02. Madteo, “Mad See Scrolls” (Marcellus Pittman Remix) [Meakusma]
03. Black Rain, “Now I’m Just A Number” [Blackest Ever Black]
04. Frak, “666” [Kontra-Musik]
05. SND, “15/16” [Pan]
06. Heroin In Tahiti, “Sartana” [Boring Machines]
07. Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui, “Fascinating Facts” [Crème Organization]
08. Sensate Focus, “X” [Sensate Focus]
09. Fort Romeau, “I Need U” [100% Silk]
10. MM/KM, “MM KM End To Funk” [The Trilogy Tapes]

Kuri Kondrak
01. Pépé Bradock, “12Turn13” [Atavisme]
02. Jason Grove, “Mastercuts 4” [Skylax]
03. Sanys, “Daily Situation” [Downfall Theory]
04. Twilight Ritual, “Fear For Losing You” (Sneaker’s Dunkeltier Remix) [Label]
05. Matthew Wiecek, “Hydroacoustics” [Altered Moods]
06. MK, “The MKappella” [Delsin]
07. Simoncino, “WereHouse” (Legowelt Remix) [Echovolt Records]
08. Jagdstaffel 66, “Nachbrenner” [Crème Organization]
09. Neon Jung, “Delerium Tremens” (Nathan Fake Remix)
[Magic Wire Recordings]
10. Monty Luke, “Through The Galaxy” [Black Catalogue]

Chris Miller
01. IMG_6502, “Jewelz & Flowerz Swangin” [Ominira]
02. Boddika & Joy O, “Froth” [SunkLo]
03. Levon Vincent, “The End” [Novel Sound]
04. MMM, “MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys” [Honest Jon’s Records]
05. 2562, “Nocturnal Drummers” [When In Doubt]
06. Daphne Oram, “Hydrogen Tones” [Young Americans]
07. MM/KM, “Birds Flying In The Sun Like U Know How” [The Trilogy Tapes]
08. Fort Romeau, “Say Something” [100% Silk]
09. Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui, “More Than A Cat Has Ever Seen” [Crème Organization]
10. Pev, “Salt Water” [Livity Sound]

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“tide” is a jammer but I think “the lowest animal” is even better!


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