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Conforce, Kinetic Image

On Kinetic Image, the increasingly gloomy sound Confrorce has been cultivating reaches new levels of seriousness.

Conforce, Time Dilation

Time Dilation, Conforce’s latest 12″, continues his present trajectory, traversing the same luminescent, cavernous and dub-influenced realms of recent times.

LWE Podcast 87: Conforce is archived this week

LWE’s 87th podcast, contributed by Conforce, was an hour of atmospheric techno, ambient, and more. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, June 1st.

Chymera, Strange Things Are Afoot

Chymera’s Strange Things Are Afoot pleases as much as it surprises, with remixes by techno champions Claro Intelecto and Conforce.

Little White Earbuds March Charts 2012

01. Hunee, “Tide” [Rush Hour Recordings]
02. Conforce, “24” (Gesloten Cirkel Remix)
[Clone Basement Series]
03. Credit 00, “The Living Room Life” [Uncanny Valley]
04. Distal, “Behold The Jungle Bootleg”
[Well Rounded Individuals]
05. Isola Dusk, “Waiting For You” [2 Floors Down]
06. Sensate Focus, “X” [Sensate Focus]
07. Recondite, “Sultry” [Absurd Recordings/Acid Test]
08. Kirill Tipo, “Believe In Rhythm” [Outernational]
09. San Laurentino, “Somewhere Under The Stars” [Live At Robert Johnson]
10. October, “String Theory” [Simple Records]

Conforce, Escapism

Boris Bunnik’s second LP as Conforce, Escapism, helps to further cement his already impeccable reputation as a purveyor of techno.

Versalife, Night Time Activities Part 3

Boris Bunnik (aka Conforce) resumes his work as Versalife with Night Time Activities Part 3 for Clone’s West Coast Series.

LWE’s Top 5 EPs of 2011

For LWE’s first year-end list, assistant editor, Chris Miller, selects five of the best records of the year which ordinarily escape list-makers.

Conforce, Dystopian Elements

Conforce’s return to the Delsin by way of the Dystopian Elements EP is his best work since the Grace EP.

LWE Podcast 87: Conforce

LWE got in touch with Conforce to find out more about his rise to prominence, the importance of pushing yourself creatively, and what his different aliases mean to him. He also lovingly assembled our 87th exclusive podcast with a mixture of atmospheric techno, ambient and more that will cast you under the spell of one of the latest masters of Dutch techno.

Conforce, State of Mind

On State Of Mind for Clone Basement Series, Conforce shows he has the requisite talent for his work to stand apart from the average producer.

Versalife, Night Time Activities Pt.1

Night Time Activities Pt. 1 finds one of techno’s brightest young stars — Conforce — donning a new, electro-flavored moniker.

Kirk Degiorgio, Flote EP

On the Flote EP for Flying Donkey Music, Kirk Degiorgio has once again managed to rein in his explosive tendencies enough to deliver something sweet, not saccharine.

LWE’s Top 10 Downloads (From the Second Half) of 2010

Conforce, Grace EP

Recently associated with dub techno, Conforce’s Grace EP for Delsin Records does much to disassociate from that tag but finds he still has work to do to establish his own original voice.

Conforce, Machine Conspiracy

Boris Bunnik’s music may well have been inspired by the wind swept scenery of the tiny island of Terschelling in the Netherlands where he grew up, but more likely it was the random cassette his father found on a beach one day that shaped his penchant for discerning, electronic music. The faceless, black cassette Bunnik played was full of Detroit techno and it was to be the start of a love affair with those sounds that further developed when he moved to the city of Leeuwarden and forged friendships with both Mohlao and Delta Funktionen. After a short run of acclaimed EPs for Rush Hour, Modelisme and Curle, Conforce’s full length debut, Machine Conspiracy appears on the Meanwhile label. It’s a studied, polished exercise in deep and dubby techno from the young Dutch producer.