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Little White Earbuds March Charts 2012

01. Hunee, “Tide” [Rush Hour Recordings]
02. Conforce, “24” (Gesloten Cirkel Remix)
[Clone Basement Series]
03. Credit 00, “The Living Room Life” [Uncanny Valley]
04. Distal, “Behold The Jungle Bootleg”
[Well Rounded Individuals]
05. Isola Dusk, “Waiting For You” [2 Floors Down]
06. Sensate Focus, “X” [Sensate Focus]
07. Recondite, “Sultry” [Absurd Recordings/Acid Test]
08. Kirill Tipo, “Believe In Rhythm” [Outernational]
09. San Laurentino, “Somewhere Under The Stars” [Live At Robert Johnson]
10. October, “String Theory” [Simple Records]

Various Artists, Surreal Estate

Surreal Estate, featuring Sepalcure, Distal, Salva and more, mixes everything from house to hip-hop, dubstep to juke, and all of the electronic funk that sitting in-between.

Distal/HxdB/Mayhem, Typewriter Tune VIP/Frozen Barnacles

Like a Venn diagram, the overlapping artist collaborations on the Typewriter Tune VIP/Frozen Barnacles single is a succinct overview of North American bass music styles.