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Shawn O’Sullivan & Civil Duty, Security

Shawn O’Sullivan, whose rough and ready records for L.I.E.S. and W.T. have already earned him numerous plaudits, steps up for release three of Anthony Parasole’s Brooklyn label, The Corner.

Nor’Easter/DJ Qu, Tri State EP

Anthony Parasole launches his The Corner imprint with tracks by Nor’Easter and DJ Qu that make nice with hip-hop in an often unheard way.

Levon Vincent, Fabric 63

The same water that makes NY’s pastrami and bagels so renowned seems to affect our house music as well, as Fabric 63, mixed by Levon Vincent, catches a group of musicians at the height of their powers.

Talking Shopcast 08: Anthony Parasole is archived this week

LWE’s eighth Talking Shopcast, mixed by Anthony Parasole, was a fusion of drum-thumping house music and tracks that kept listeners on their toes and dancing.

Talking Shopcast with Underground Quality

For the eighth edition of our Talking Shopcast series we visited Bridgeport, CT, home of Jus-Ed and his Underground Quality label. We also provide an exclusive mix by Anthony Parasole, Deconstruct Label boss and one of New York’s finest DJs.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Levon Vincent

Although Levon Vincent has seen his profile rise dramatically over the past 18 months he’s anything but a newcomer. Having spent nearly a decade making house music after many years studying music generally, Vincent’s recent fame can be seen only as welcome payoff to someone who has spent his fair share of time in the trenches. Enmeshed in the much-discussed revitalization of New York house with his own imprints, Novel Sound and Deconstruct Music (with Anthony Parasole), alongside Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality stable, he blends his influences into a thick, rich soup of raw house music that finds him wearing his heart on his sleeve. LWE caught up with Vincent in Paris before his appearance at Rex Club kicking off a month of touring around Europe to discuss everything from Thriller and Discreet Music, the newest musical instrument in his arsenal, and the struggles of being a vinyl proponent in America.

DJ Qu, Party People Clap

With DJ Jus-Ed on permanent impresario/wood-cutting duties and Levon Vincent releasing a near-constant stream of contemporary classics, New York house’s flagship positions look pretty well locked-down as 2010 gets cracking. It’s a bit more of a tossup for the underdog slot. Fred P., whose Black Jazz Consortium long-player and singles for his own Soul People Music imprint were among 2009’s most coveted dance records, makes for something of an easy bet, though I can’t deny his talent at cranking out tense, minimalist house trips. And Anthony Parasole, who’s already proven himself a formidable selector, will almost certainly raise his asking price when his first solo production credit drops later this year. But I’m throwing my lot behind DJ Qu, the New Jersey man and former dancer born Ramon Lisandro Quezada. His latest, “Party People Clap” for Vincent’s and Parasole’s Deconstruct Music, has a whole lot to do with it.