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LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2009

Dance music enthusiasts are almost certainly the most label-conscious people in the record-buying world. How else can you explain the bickering over new Perlon signings, the ubiquity of the compound adjective “buy-on-sight,” or the hastily depleted stocks of anonymously-produced 12″s? We follow our favorite DJs and producers, naturally, but a record publishing operation with vision and taste is very often the best guide to the sounds we thirst for. 2009’s cream of the crop — labels like Running Back, Uzuri, Prologue, Dial, Sound Signature, Blueprint, Apple Pips, and Time To Express — did more than narrow the field of available records, but sharpened our expectations of what new music should achieve. And the mushrooming of secretive private presses (many of them fostered by Hardwax’s distribution) yielded results that were just as rewarding. But from where I’m standing, these five labels loomed largest.

Mike Dehnert, Umlaut 2

When the Clone label announced it was turning the lights out earlier this year it was a sad day for techno/electro obsessives like myself. But as it turns out the label’s death has been greatly exaggerated, or at least has pumped creative spirit into other, more focused areas. The result so far has been a steady stream of releases on what might be called “boutique” sub-labels such as the Club Series, Loft Supreme Series, West Coast Series and the Jack For Daze Series; all fall under the Clone banner while each concentrates on a specific style of electronic music. Confused yet? Well just this past month they unveiled one more imprint called the Clone Basement Series, keying in on hard-boiled dance tracks. Based on that criterion it makes sense to find Tresor resident Mike Dehnert in charge of the first release.

The Hasbeens, Keep Fooling Yourself

[Clone] For those who find much of techno, house and electro to be too damn optimistic, nihilistic duo The Hasbeens and their “Keep Fooling Yourself” 12″ offer a welcome reprieve. Its three tracks are surprisingly catchy, retro-minded Italo disco and electro rather than gut-busting EBM racket or sanity grinding hard house, contrasting dystopic themes with […]

Duplex, Autosample EP

[Frantic Flowers] Dutch producers Chris Callahan and John Matze have been recording together as Duplex since 1997, though Matze’s work dates back to ’92. Drawing from the spacious well of influence that is Detroit techno — Anthony “Shake” Shakir, Juan Atkins and Drexciya, among others — the duo somehow received help on their latest EP […]