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Sigha, Abstractions I-IV

Sigha’s Abstractions I-IV is a hulking and nuanced set that offers a restrained and authentic forward drive, if lacking somewhat in originality.

Scuba, Triangulation (Interpretations)

To further explore all the avenues he pursued on Triangulation, Scuba enlisted a cadre of remixers to offer their Interpretations.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Mount Kimbie

With the markers of just what exactly constitutes dubstep in perpetual motion, Mount Kimbie have been doing their part to blur the lines even further. LWE sat down with Dominic Maker and Kai Campos to talk about influences, recording the album and the future of the duo.

LWE Podcast 61: Sepalcure

LWE sat down with Sepalcure to find out how they shifted from a casual side-project to Hotflush-approved, extremely-hotly-tipped “lovestep” juggernaut. The boys were also kind enough to provide us with an exclusive mix of the sort of tender house and fiesty bass that’s perhaps best enjoyed with a smooth Malbec and that special someone.

Mount Kimbie, Crooks & Lovers

Mount Kimbie’s Crooks & Robbers is a quirky little electronic album from a group whose beauty sneaks up on you, and whose poetry maybe isn’t readily apparent on your first bus ride.

George FitzGerald, The Let Down/Weakness

It was inevitable that Joy Orbison’s enormous success would spawn a flurry of sound-alikes, and George FitzGerald’s Hotflush debut complements projects like Pariah and Sepalcure in recalling the English producer’s melodramatic, vocal-infused tracks.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Labels

Six full months into 2010, the record labels that have impressed me the most have one thing in common: from record to record, their releases are as varied as they are superb. Here are five record labels, in no particular order, that stood tallest in my memory and heaviest in my collection.

Sepalcure, Love Pressure

That Brooklyn duo Sepalcure could turn out such relevant and future-forward music on Love Pressure, their first time out, bodes very well.


It’s almost silly that Paul Rose would go make a house/techno alias (somewhat) different from his well-established one. Lately Scuba’s productions would be more readily categorized as techno than dubstep anyway, even though his wide range of tempos and blend of styles comes out genre-less anyway. After the sublimely subterranean debut of the SCB moniker remixing his own “Hard Boiled,” the SCB project developed further with one of the mixes of 2009: the 37th mix in the mnml ssgs mix series. Kicking off a new series of catalog numbers on Hotflush, Scuba now looks to firmly plant the SCB flag with the succinctly titled SCB001.

LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2009

Dance music enthusiasts are almost certainly the most label-conscious people in the record-buying world. How else can you explain the bickering over new Perlon signings, the ubiquity of the compound adjective “buy-on-sight,” or the hastily depleted stocks of anonymously-produced 12″s? We follow our favorite DJs and producers, naturally, but a record publishing operation with vision and taste is very often the best guide to the sounds we thirst for. 2009’s cream of the crop — labels like Running Back, Uzuri, Prologue, Dial, Sound Signature, Blueprint, Apple Pips, and Time To Express — did more than narrow the field of available records, but sharpened our expectations of what new music should achieve. And the mushrooming of secretive private presses (many of them fostered by Hardwax’s distribution) yielded results that were just as rewarding. But from where I’m standing, these five labels loomed largest.

Scuba, Aesaunic EP

With its irreproachable roster of talent, Hotflush has become over the last couple of years a buy on sight label. Scuba himself has already provided one of the standout moments in dubstep this year with his “Klinik/Hundreds and Thousands” release, while Mount Kimbie’s “Sketch On Glass” emerged to leave critics slack jawed and saliva mawed at its recondite rhythms. Scuba’s new EP, lovingly spread over two slabs of vinyl will further fluster bass heads, encapsulating the breadth of his sound over five tracks ranging from blunt, fathomless ambient through to shimmering half steppers and steely, chrome-plated house.

Joy Orbison, Hyph Mngo

Hype can be a funny thing. Why are some tracks hyped while others slide under the radar? For one of 2009’s most talked about tracks, look no further than “Hyph Mngo” (hype is even in the name, sort of). Forthcoming on one of the hottest labels around, canned by numerous DJs, and even the subject of an entire column on Pitchfork, the hype surround “Hyph Mngo” has been immense, to be sure. But does it measure up?

Mount Kimbie, Sketch On Glass

“Sketch On Glass” is the highly anticipated second release by Mount Kimbie, following their highly rated “Maybes” EP from earlier this year, also on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings. These guys are in the zone! Pioneering a catchy brand of light-as-air, deep-as-the-ocean, feel-good dubstep, here they offer us four more superb tracks.

Scuba, Klinik/Hundreds and Thousands

Hot on the tail of his remix packages from A Mutual Antipathy, Paul Rose has started the year with two killer remixes for Alpha Rhythm and Fever Ray. Following on from those is his new twelve on Hotflush which will further cement his status as one of the most compelling producers out.