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It’s You: The History of a Chicago House Classic

Watching the unfolding spectacular success of FCL’s cover version of “It’s You,” originally by Chicago duo E.S.P., made LWE curious to dive deep into the song behind it all and what’s happened since.

LWE 2Q Reports 2011: Downloads

LWE’s fourth 2Q Report has Chris Miller recapping 10 of the most essential non-commercial downloads from the first half of the year.

FCL, Vocals For Everyone

East Flanders was a veritable gold mine of house fundamentals in 2009, thanks to the underestimated work of the young We Play House Recordings. With an aesthetic as direct and to-the-point as the label’s chosen name, the line has typically favored retro synthetic palettes and low-slung earworm grooves. And though all of their records have been worth a look, when you start tallying last year’s out-and-out stunners — San Soda’s “Dorsnee,” Dynamodyse’s “Gare du Nord,” Reggie Dokes’ “Dancefloor Spectacle,” Russ Gabriel’s “Le Voyeur,” Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany’s “Highway,” to name names — you can’t help but wonder how they’ve kept such a modest profile. WPH starts the new year with an in-house affair, a quartet of 90’s throwbacks from the team-up of label founder Red D and the producer behind roughly half the label’s output, San Soda. And yes, as the title suggests, you may sing along to them.