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Efdemin, Decay

On Decay, Efdemin’s third album, the chilly repetition and careful attention to silence, space and reverb in his work is clearer than ever.

Lawrence, Films & Windows

Films & Windows, the sixth LP from Peter Kersten under his Lawrence guise, is also the producer’s most club-oriented album.

John Roberts, Fences

You wouldn’t mistake Fences for anything other than a John Roberts album, yet a direct comparison with Glass Eights makes clear how far the musician has come.

John Roberts, Paper Frames

John Roberts’ Paper Frames EP is a logical move, applying that abstraction to his own preference for deeper house and modern classical motifs.

Kassian Troyer, Stills

On his debut EP which arrives care of Dial, Kassian Troyer favors multiple low-key deep house motifs over fewer, bolder ones.

LWE Interviews Lawrence

Little White Earbuds got in touch with Lawrence to talk about the longevity of Dial, which producers are exciting him right now and the forthcoming projects for his various enterprises.

Efdemin, Chicago Remixes (2)

This latest batch of Chicago remixes — featuring Deadbeat, Fred P, Rndm, and Efdemin himself — doesn’t exactly reimagine the material as a Tavi Gevinson ensemble, at least one of the inclusions may turn some heads.

Roman Flügel, Fatty Folders

More than a paean to long-lost subgenres or a play at shifting the conversation back in a particular direction, Fatty Folders is a celebration of having an inimitable voice.

Pigon, Sunrise Industry

On their first release in three years, Pigon offer both explorations in patience-testing sound design and ultra-hushed deep house, a bewitching EP if you can strain your ears enough to hear it properly.

Pawel, The Remixes

Patrice Scott, Osunlade and John Roberts are tasked with reinvigorating tracks from Pawel’s self-titled debut LP on The Remixes.

Roman Flügel, How to Spread Lies

How to Spread Lies exists in a space between Flügel’s catalog and that of Dial; unquestionably more lighthearted than your average Lawrence release but also containing shades of sentimentality.

LWE Podcast 59: John Roberts

Since first piquing our interest in 2008 with quirky, intricate rhythms and demure melodies, John Roberts’ has only grown more apparent in his confident offerings for Dial and Laid. In our interview, we discussed how his album took shape, the environs that influence his music, and what the future holds for him. He was also kind enough to compile LWE’s 59th exclusive podcast, more than an hour of propulsive vintage and contemporary house.

Various Artists, 2010

Dial’s core aesthetic of chic but understated deep house remains present on 2010, with contributions from label founders Lawrence, Pantha du Prince and Efdemin that stay true, occasionally too much so, to the label’s sound when it was first birthed in Hamburg 10 years ago.

Pawel, Pawel

Among the trio of friends — Lawrence, Carsten Jost, Pawel — who founded the Dial label in Hamburg 10 years ago, the latter, Paul Kominek has probably kept the lowest profile, despite being the more senior in terms of release history. Recording as Turner for the defunct Ladomat 2000 since 1998, he received remixes from the likes of Robert Hood, Isolée and Freaks, as well as recording four albums worth of curate’s eggs: Lukin Orgel, Disappearing Brother, A Pack Of Lies and 2005’s Slow Abuse. While Turner albums are characterised by often effete vocals and a home-listening aesthetic, Pawel is the first long-player recorded by Kominek for his dance floor alias.

John Roberts, Mirror

Though he sports one of the less memorable names in house music (as compared to, say, “Black Jazz Consortium,” “Mr. Fingers,” or “Sascha Dive”), John Roberts possesses one of the most distinctive and individualistic sounds of the moment. His tracks are wonders of acoustic sound and digital grid structure, of quirky detail and suffusive mood, of widescreen scope and hand-lettered modesty. All of which has made him the torch-bearer of the day for Hamburg’s Dial Records. “Mirror” finds that torch in good hands indeed.

John Roberts, Hesitate

[Dial] “Hesitate” is in the running for the most ironic title of the year. As John Roberts’ debut on the frequently great label Dial, the single begins with a hiccup of a listless groove that quickly fades as a facile tribute to the title — there are few actual hesitations on “Hesitate.” Roberts can afford […]

Various Artists, You Are My Mate

[Dial] Dial had been releasing its lean and emotive variety of techno/house for nearly seven years before breaking to a larger audience, but the recognition could hardly have come at a better time. Last year the Hamburg-based label, owned and operated by Peter M. Kersten (Lawrence/Sten), Turner and Carsten Jost, cranked out two of their […]