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Little White Earbuds January Charts 2014

01. Soulphiction, “When Radio Was Boss” [Pampa Records]
02. Lawrence, “Marlen” (Carsten Jost & DJ Richard Remix) [Dial]
03. G. Marcell, “I Be Damn” [Episodes]
04. Recloose, “You Just Love You” [Delusions Of Grandeur]
05. Âme, “Tatischeff” [Innervisions]
06. JTC, “Valley Road (We Are One)” [Spectral Sound]
07. Hakim Murphy, “Vatitio” (Murdoc Remix) [Mindshift Records]
08. Elgato, “Links” [Galdoors]
09. Shackleton, “Silver Keys” [Woe To The Septic Heart]
10. NHK’Koyxeи, “766” [PAN]

Little White Earbuds October Charts

01. Creative Swing Alliance, “In Love” [City Fly Records]
02. Carsten Jost, “Chateau Jalousie” [Dial]
03. Ultramarine, “Find A Way” [Real Soon]
04. 2562, “Wasteland” (Head High Remix)
[When In Doubt]
05. Cromie & JRapp, “How I Know” [Boe Digits]
06. Gerd, “Palm Leaves” [Royal Oak]
07. Roman Flügel, “Lush Life Libido” [Dial]
08. Luomo, “Good Stuff” [Moodmusic]
09. BNJMN, “Open The Floodgates” [Rush Hour Direct Current]
10. C-Beams, “Strollin’ Speechless”
[Uncanny Valley]

Various Artists, 2010

Dial’s core aesthetic of chic but understated deep house remains present on 2010, with contributions from label founders Lawrence, Pantha du Prince and Efdemin that stay true, occasionally too much so, to the label’s sound when it was first birthed in Hamburg 10 years ago.

Various Artists, You Are My Mate

[Dial] Dial had been releasing its lean and emotive variety of techno/house for nearly seven years before breaking to a larger audience, but the recognition could hardly have come at a better time. Last year the Hamburg-based label, owned and operated by Peter M. Kersten (Lawrence/Sten), Turner and Carsten Jost, cranked out two of their […]