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Little White Earbuds April Charts 2014

01. Alex Israel, “Colugo” [Crème Organization]
02. Zsa Gang, “B1” [Off Minor Recordings]
03. Tristen, “Streets Of” [Aim]
04. Johannes Volk, “Glare” [Tief Music]
05. Losoul, “Daddy, What’s a Rise?” [Hypercolour]
06. DJ Koze, “Amygdala” (Roman Flügel Remix) [Pampa Records]
07. DVS1, “S.O.S.” [HUSH]
08. Rick Wade, “Cloud Envy” [Third Ear Recordings]
09. Todd Terje, “Oh Joy” [Olsen]
10. The Central Executives, “High Roads” [Golf Channel Recordings]

Ideal, Schöne Frau Mit Geld (Losoul Versions)

Weird, but not that weird, LoSoul’s remixes of Ideal’s “Schöne Frau Mit Geld” again demonstrates his way with a groove, be it reduced house or full-fat disco.

Brandt Brauer Frick, Bop/Paino Shakur

Those looking to explain the rise in stature of Brandt Brauer Frick should credit the trio’s standing as full fledged live performers whose gigs and eye catching video have won over listeners who might otherwise avoid “acoustic techno.”

LoSoul, Time Passes EP

As soon as minimal descended from opera to operetta, from the clinical distillation of techno’s essence to its buffoonish, showboating bastard-child, it was inevitable that producers would one day revisit it with a dewy-eyed nostalgia. LoSoul has always worn his influences on his sleeve, and as a producer working throughout the decade of minimal’s far-reaching reign, it seems both fair and correct that he should have something to say about its demise. Leaving behind the cushy environs of Playhouse for an outing on Dan Ghenacia’s Freak n’ Chic, he gets his opportunity and delivers a fitting eulogy.

LoSoul, Slightly/Gridlock

“Slightly/Gridlock” is the first of two new LoSoul singles released in anticipation of his third album for Playhouse. If this release is anything to go by, Care will have an enormous range. A-side “Slightly” is a swirl of fat, bright and wet minimal house elements anchored by idiosyncratic drum programming. Like most successful minimal house, “Slightly” combines melodic and rhythmic components seamlessly. A stuttering, filtered, and oddly unrecognizable noise that forays into the track’s third minute, playing with the central riff before switching its focus towards some lonely snares that enter the fray. It always seems to me this quality –- the slippery wrestle of movement and tone until they become indistinguishable — gives the most reduced music its unique charm. “Slightly” affords that sensation generously, and LoSoul seems to have gone one step further by imbuing into his sounds a gregariousness that gives each a little personality unto itself.