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Little White Earbuds April Charts 2014

01. Alex Israel, “Colugo” [Crème Organization]
02. Zsa Gang, “B1” [Off Minor Recordings]
03. Tristen, “Streets Of” [Aim]
04. Johannes Volk, “Glare” [Tief Music]
05. Losoul, “Daddy, What’s a Rise?” [Hypercolour]
06. DJ Koze, “Amygdala” (Roman Flügel Remix) [Pampa Records]
07. DVS1, “S.O.S.” [HUSH]
08. Rick Wade, “Cloud Envy” [Third Ear Recordings]
09. Todd Terje, “Oh Joy” [Olsen]
10. The Central Executives, “High Roads” [Golf Channel Recordings]

Various Artists, Detroit Beatdown Vol. 2 The Final EP

Dormant since 2008, Third Ear Recordings’ Detroit Beatdown various artist series returns for one last hurrah on Detroit Beatdown Vol. 2 The Final EP, featuring Mike Clark, Rick Wade, DJ T-1000, and Scott Ferguson.

RJ Fletcher, Double Down EP

Tact Recordings’ inaugural release is a polished three-tracker by label co-owner RJ Fletcher, backed up by a Rick Wade remix of the title track.

Jefferson Velazquez, Deep Endeavour EP

Jefferson Velazquez’s latest, “I’m Done With It,” evokes Matthew Herbert’s springy mid-90’s house material in sound and execution.

Rick Wade, Intelligence

“Intelligence” is not a word that comes up often in house music. In this context, it almost seems like a challenge; this record wasn’t titled for “Soul” or “Sex,” or any of the other social concepts excessively invoked in dance discourse. Though an intellectual emphasis is unusual, it shouldn’t be a surprise; this EP is the inaugural release for Laid, a vinyl-only subsidiary of Hamburg’s reliable Dial, and features music by lesser-known Detroit heavy Rick Wade.