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LWE Podcast 72: Aroy Dee is archived this week

LWE’s 72nd podcast brought together two sets by M>O>S label head, Aroy Dee: the first a recording of a Panorama Bar appearance, and the second a live set by his R-A-G trio. Be sure to add both to your collection before they’re archived this Friday, January 13th.

LWE Reflect On Our Favorite Podcasts

In celebration of our fast approaching 100th exclusive podcast, LWE’s staff has taken a look back at the first 99 and showcased some of our favorites so far. What’s more, we’ve made all of the podcasts featured here available for download for one more week.

Aroy Dee, Beauty & Life

Beauty & Life finds Aroy Dee and remixer Ra.H playing to their strengths and coming up with three eminently enjoyable tracks for M>O>S Recordings.

Chicago Skyway & Dcook, Lager

Lager is a varied and inventive release that finds Chicago Skyway, Dcook, Obsolete Music Technology, and Aroy Dee at the top of their game.

LWE Podcast 72: Aroy Dee

For anyone with even a passing interest in the high quality strains of techno emitting from the Netherlands, the name Aroy Dee will no doubt already feature on your radar. As well as providing us with an in-depth interview, his exclusive LWE podcast is a special double mix, including a DJ set taken from a Panorama Bar appearance and a fantastic live set from his R-A-G trio.

Terrance McDonald, Mind Over Matter

Aroy Dee and company at M>O>S Deep have done us all a favor by bringing Terrance McDonald’s 1991 single Mind Over Matter back into circulation.

R-A-G, Beyond EP

The debut release from R-A-G, the M>O>S supergroup of labelhead Aroy Dee, G-String and Marco Spaventi, offers more neo-Detroit satisfaction than surprises.

Aroy Dee, The Planets

Originally released six years ago by Jochem Peteri (aka Newworldaquarium) on the NWAQ label — which also featured a co-production by Peteri under his other, less-known 154 guise — this limited edition re-release now boasts a remix from Vince Watson which dates back to 2004. Maybe the post-minimal landscape has made listeners and DJs more receptive again to warm, rich sounds, but speculation aside, there is no doubt that in the past few years the small group of producers that release on the Dutch techno/house stronghold of Delsin, NWAQ, M<O<S and Ann Aimee has enjoyed a golden run of form, consistently releasing great deep dance floor music. Clearly, ignoring trends and sticking to what they know best has paid off in recent times, but the magic was always there — and six years since it first appeared, “Planets” has lost none of its charms.