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Little White Earbuds Interviews Radio Slave

In advance of his appearance at the Stop Making Sense festival, LWE were granted to the opportunity to converse with Matt Edwards via email. Might we suggest keeping a second tab open to Discogs while reading this interview, for reference sake.

LWE Podcast 137: Toby Tobias

Toby Tobias talked to LWE about the benefits of his new studio being outside of his house, his next album for Rekids, and why he’s not happy with the people who released his re-edit of Adonis’ classic “Rockin’ Down the House.” He also mixed our 137th exclusive podcast, a late night selection of inspirations and influences that highlights Tobias’ impeccable taste and his ability to rock a dance floor.

James Teej, Seven Day Mend

Seven Day Mend, the first single from James Teej’s debut album, neatly encapsulates the Canadian producer’s appeal and hints at his weaknesses.

Radio Slave, I Don’t Need A Cure For This

It’s not entirely surprising REKIDS sat on I Don’t Need A Cure For This as it’s noticeably more subdued than Edwards’ usual club-clobbering fare, but it’s paired with the ethnic-sampling house varieties he’s helped popularize.

Nina Kraviz, Pain In The Ass

Although hip-house is no longer a genre many dancers think about, its demise has not halted the dozens of house tracks whose schtick involves ranting, loosely scripted spoken vocals. Sometimes the master of ceremonies is trying to make a point, othertimes it’s more like being a fly on the wall. I’ve rarely bought into the concept that producers’ conversational prattle is much more interesting than my own; whether it was Villalobos enjoying sushi on “Andruic & Japan,” Diddy pleading for longer tracks on “The DJ,” or the vulgar boasts of Pimp Jackson, these diatribes often seem more distracting than helpful to dancers’ attempts to get into the groove. Nina Kraviz, who was one 2009’s big gainers and affiated with others as part of the Underground Quality stable, has proven not to be immune from the appeal of chatter, as evinced on “Pain In The Ass.” First appearing on REKIDS owner Matt Edwards’ Fabric mix, the flippant track has been paired with “I’m Gonna Get You” for Kraviz’s solo REKIDS debut.

Runaway, Brooklyn Club Jam

[REKIDS] Taking after the piano-driven house of Still Going and Osborne, Runaway’s “Brooklyn Club Jam” starts with the same impetus but makes sure to contort itself. First released on Runaway’s Myspace page, the track was surprising almost to a fault; as a stream of an unreleased track, “Brooklyn Club Jam” sounded like it could (and […]

Toby Tobias, Space Shuffle

[REKIDS] Londoner Toby Tobias has been getting his disco on for a long time: his edits have been showing up on labels like Bear Funk for years. And Space Shuffle, his debut album, sure feels like the fruition of long and diligent labor. Most of the album is not dance floor material per se, but […]

Toby Tobias, Nervoso EP

[Rekids] Toby Tobias first grabbed the dancefloor’s collective ear with the retro-tinged, Rekids released “A Close Shave,” especially with its Prins Thomas remiks. His “Dave’s Sex Bits” was more tepidly received, but yet another high profile remix, this time from Quiet Village, kept punters on his scent. “Nervoso EP,” his latest on Rekids, offers a […]