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Vondelpark, Seabed

Despite a meager 42-minute runtime, Vondelpark’s debut LP manages to feel like a slog, lacking a single ethereous moment while forcing the listener into an insurmountable slump of depression.

Space Dimension Controller, Welcome to Mikrosektor-50

Space Dimension Controller’s long-in-gestation debut LP is an honest-to-god Electronic Concept Album managing to effortlessly incorporate storytelling devices while flirting with moments of musical brilliance.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Space Dimension Controller

With his long awaited debut album finally arriving next week, LWE interviewed Belfast’s Space Dimension Controller via email about his interplanetary outlook.

Teengirl Fantasy, Motif

With Motif, Brooklyn duo Teengirl Fantasy have made the decision to plant themselves in the more serious dance music soil of R&S. Actress remixes.

Lone, Galaxy Garden

Galaxy Garden is Lone’s coup de grâce, a world of maximalist breakbeat hardcore in which there are always at least four hooks in play at any one time without feeling baroque or overwrought.

Synkro, Broken Promise EP

Here Synkro tunes into his most introspective side to fine effect, with four easy rolling late night jams for R&S sub-label, Apollo Records.

Blawan, What You Do With What You Have

Blawan’s second EP for R&S, What You Do With What You Have wrestles familiar elements into an arena that is completely his own.

Klaus, Tusk EP

Besides Klaus’s remix of Mount Kimbie’s “Carbonated,” not much is known about the young Londoner, which makes the prospect of a full EP on R&S somewhat intriguing.

The Chain, Lostwithiel EP

There are few better ways to summarize the recent trajectory of R&S Records than examining the brief discography of The Chain.

Lone, Echolocations EP

Echolocations, Lone’s follow-up EP to Emerald Fantasy Tracks, offers subtle variations rather than overarching statements about “progression.”

Blawan, Bohla EP

After debuting last year on the Hessle Audio, Blawan moves to stalwart Belgian label R&S Records for the Bohla EP.

James Blake, Klavierwerke

Unlike the blown-out R&B histrionics of his first R&S record, CMYK, Londoner James Blake takes the humble source material of his own piano and voice and stretches, chops, and dices it on follow-up EP Klavierwerke.