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Gene Hunt & Ron Hardy, Throwback ’87

Continuing in their role as house music’s leading archeologists, Rush Hour look into early works from the teenage Gene Hunt as protege to Ron Hardy’s mentor.

Cosmin TRG, Liebe Suende/Sores of Attraction

Liebe Suende/Sores of Attraction finds Cosmin TRG revisiting the acrid textures of See Other People but placing them in a deep house framework similar to Rush Hour’s usual fare.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Labels

Six full months into 2010, the record labels that have impressed me the most have one thing in common: from record to record, their releases are as varied as they are superb. Here are five record labels, in no particular order, that stood tallest in my memory and heaviest in my collection.

Falty DL, All In The Place

The music of New York based producer Drew Lustman, best known as Falty DL, could lazily be described as dubstep, in part because his records have found homes on Planet Mu and Ramp Recordings, two labels that have pushed a sound which could also be imprecisely termed dubstep. So does his appearance on Rush Hour, an old house standby, mean he’s gone and made a house record? No, the All In The Place EP still contains his characteristically fragmented two-step seen through a kaleidoscope of sounds.