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Wax, No. 20002

When Marcel Dettmann casually admitted RenĂ© Pawlowitz was the producer behind the anonymous Equalized label (and the subsequent transformation of Shed’s Myspace account into Waxalized), more than a few lingering suspicions were confirmed. In retrospect, the rhythmic complexity and painstakingly crafted timbres of these stamped white labels shared palpable kinship with Pawlowitz’s Shed and STP tracks — a degree of production prowess uncommon in the majority of releases being cranked out breakneck speeds. Shorn of identity intrigue, the second Wax single, “No. 20002,” offers further testament to the acuity of Pawlowitz’s musical vision.

Shed, Remixes

With an album as critically lauded and widely admired as Shed’s debut, Shedding the Past, it’s expected that DJs and fans alike would clamor for an EP of remixes. The only question remaining is, what took so long? Of course, simply enjoying Ostgut Ton’s consistently top notch releases has always been more rewarding than second guessing; this well considered “Remixes” platter is certainly worth the wait.

Shed lands stateside for debut gig

For some ridiculous reason, I’m opening for Shed tonight at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, MA. It’s his first ever performance in the U.S. and Make It New events always have a great vibe. So if you’re in the Boston/Cambridge area and you’re the type who parties on Thursday nights, come on down for a little […]

Norman Nodge/Samuli Kemppi, Berghain 02|Part II

Photo by Eric Phillips [Ostgut Ton] Each new release from Ostgut Ton builds on an already impressive list of accomplishments, of which becoming an underground multimedia empire is only one. Graduating from 12″ singles, double packs and compilations to albums (Prosumer & Murat Tepeli’s irresistible Serenity) proved the still fresh-faced label’s keen A&R eye (not […]

Luke Hess, Believe & Receive EP

[Kontra-Musik] You don’t get released on Omar-S’ FXHE Recordings or get taken under the vaunted producer’s wing without being someone special. And with his third solo release, Detroit native Luke Hess confirms that he’s certainly someone to talk about. Though he’s been releasing since 2005 on labels like the Detroit-based Berettamusic, the young producer made […]