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On Your Knees, Sinners: 20 Years of The House of God

A ramshackle and joyous celebration of DIY spirit, raw techno and uninhibited abandon, Birmingham’s legendary hive of sin and damnation, the House of God, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. LWE caught up with promoter Chris Wishart, resident Surgeon, and long time guest, Regis, to discuss the genesis of one of the world’s most seminal and idiosyncratic techno events.

Industrial Resonance Pt. II: The Industrial Influences of Surgeon

In this second Industrial Resonance piece, LWE chats with Anthony Child aka Surgeon about how his surroundings influenced his industrial-influenced music and the term “industrial.”

Surgeon, Breaking The Frame

Surgeon’s Breaking The Frame is a difficult album that lives up to its title’s promise of deconstruction and paradigm shifting.

Traversable Wormhole, The Remixes Pt. 03

The Remixes Pt. 03 offers further proof Traversable Wormhole’s releases have done more than most anonymous projects to forge a new path through the creative stagnation that bedevils electronic music.

Shed, Remixes

With an album as critically lauded and widely admired as Shed’s debut, Shedding the Past, it’s expected that DJs and fans alike would clamor for an EP of remixes. The only question remaining is, what took so long? Of course, simply enjoying Ostgut Ton’s consistently top notch releases has always been more rewarding than second guessing; this well considered “Remixes” platter is certainly worth the wait.