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  • Dino Lalic – Little White Earbuds

    Author Archive: Dino Lalic

    Shackleton, Freezing Opening Thawing

    Freezing Opening Thawing, Shackleton’s first offering in almost two years, does not deviate much from his usual style, but it does present a magnificent new mutation.

    Maxi Mill, Lost And Found / Speed Balance Weight

    Maxi Mill returns to Rush Hour’s Direct Voyage series with another 12″, and surprisingly, both tracks find him at the almost exact spot he left off.

    Clement Meyer, Modern Primitivism

    Indebted to elements of EBM, industrial, and early electronic music, Clement Meyer’s Modern Primitivism is a deviation from his older productions — a transitional collection that includes every bit of his personal stamp, often with brutal results.

    Huerco S., Colonial Patterns

    Colonial Patterns finds Huerco S. moving even further from the dance floor into experimental territory across 14 shards of music and noise.

    Aquarian Foundation, Silent Teaching EP

    Silent Teaching EP, Aquarian Foundation’s highly sought-after vinyl debut on Brixton’s Going Good, is made all the more compelling by the live sensibility which is so apparent throughout.

    Operator Tracey / Perseus Traxx, Nothing To Do With Us / Across The North Sea

    Nigel Rogers sticks to his hardware weapons of choice as he splits himself into both the Perseus Traxx and Operator Tracey monikers.

    DJ Rashad, I Don’t Give A Fuck

    The four tracks on DJ Rashad’s new offering, I Don’t Give A Fuck, are short and to the point, continually in high-speed motion, with a deep emphasis on human voice.

    LWE Interviews Jared Wilson

    LWE caught up with Jared Wilson via e-mail to discover the history, method and mentality behind his prodigious output.

    Helena Hauff, Actio Reactio

    While not as wildly broad as her DJ sets, Helena Hauff’s Actio Reactio introduces her production style of single-take analogue jamming.

    Jordan GCZ, Crybaby J

    With his solo debut, Jordan Czamanski of Juju & Jordash surprises and delights as he operates in a more straightforward psychedelic territory than his usual output.

    LWE Interviews Outboxx

    In advance of their performance at Echo Festival this weekend, LWE corresponded with Outboxx via email about their work methods, their influences, and their ever-changing live set.

    Pev & Hodge, Bells

    Peverelist returns to his Punch Drunk imprint for the first time in three years with Bristol’s Hodge in tow, offering two divergent takes on the same tune.

    Outboxx, Outboxx

    Outboxx have expand their style through releases on Immerse Recordings, BRSTL, and Well Rounded Housing Project, but nowhere is their bold versatility displayed better than on their self-titled album on Idle Hands.

    DJ Sotofett Feat. Madteo, There’s Gotta Be A Way

    DJ Sotofett’s latest collaboration with NYC’s Madteo on There’s Gotta Be A Way brings out the best in both artists, offering sounds at turns experimental and floor-filling.

    Anthony Naples, El Portal EP

    Continuing his confident streak, Anthony Naples continues to stylistically broaden his oeuvre with El Portal EP on The Trilogy Tapes.

    Rustie, Triadzz / Slasherr

    The first Rustie release since his breakout debut album, “Slasherr” works within his established aesthetic to deliver a potent, 3+ minute blast of euphoria.

    LWE Interviews Petre Inspirescu

    LWE corresponded with Petre Inspirescu via email about Romania’s dance scene, his hybrid classical-house sound, and his goals for the future.

    Levon Vincent, Stereo Systems

    Levon Vincent’s sole 12″ of 2012, Stereo Systems, contains three cuts that each approach the dance floor on their own terms.

    Two Dogs In A House, Eliminator

    Reviving Two Dogs In A House, members Ron Morelli and Jason Letkiewicz present a monstrous odyssey of house/noise cross-pollination, raw machine funk and ominous soundscapes.