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Brandon Bussolini – Little White Earbuds

Author Archive: Brandon Bussolini

Leif, Dinas Oleu

Dinas Oleu, Welsh producer Leif’s debut album, is as moving as the best deep house, but its sounds appear to have been laid in an isolation tank rather than planted in earth.

Actress, Ghettoville

Ghettoville finds its creator staring into the fundamentals of his sound, which is to say the nuts and bolts of his poetics and the inky void they exist within.

Elgato, Links / Sun

With Links / Sun, Elgato applies his reptilian touch to deep-house tropes, and the results are finely balanced on the cusp of engrossing and uncanny as per usual.

Vril, Vortekz

Vortekz, Vril’s first EP for Delsin, offers relentless, tiered dub techno with the internal rhythmic logic of sneakers in a dryer.

LWE’s Top 5 Artists of 2013

For the fourth and final year-end column, LWE staff writer Brandon Bussolini highlights five standout artists of 2013.

Axel Boman, Family Vacation

Family Vacation is a different beast than Axel Boman’s 12″s, and he clearly enjoys stumbling and slurring more than the briefer format allows.

Special Request, Soul Music

Special Request’s Soul Musicis a kind of poetics of the style, a Simon Reynolds-influenced meditation on what made 90s breaks unique and thrilling the first time around, paced around 130 BPM for maximum mixing flexibility.

Tin Man, Underdog EP Pt 2

Following close behind Pt 1, Tin Man’s Underdog EP Pt 2 on Pomelo has the same leisurely gait that makes his Acid Test records effortlessly absorbing.

BNJMN, Hummingbird

The technicolor fizz blanketing BNJMN’s Hummingbird EP throws the current fixation on “the death of rave” into sharp relief.

Samantha Vacation, Samantha’s Vacation / Postcards from Mssr Perdu

Sensate Focus meets footwork on LIES016.5, the latest installment of Ron Morelli’s between-the-integers series.

Sabre, WT 19 Sabre

Following up Sabre’s Tasteful Nudes debut is WT 19 Sabre, a three-tracker for Willie Burns’s label that initially offers more of the same sundazed glow.

Recondite / Julien H Mulder, Shift 003

The third split 12″ on Singapore’s Midnight Shift pairs Recondite with relative unknown Julien H Mulder and finds both parties performing at a similarly high level.

2Q Reports 2013: Albums

For our first 2Q Report of 2013, staff writer Brandon Bussolini provides and overview of the five most essential albums of the year thus far.

John Roberts, Fences

You wouldn’t mistake Fences for anything other than a John Roberts album, yet a direct comparison with Glass Eights makes clear how far the musician has come.

Ten Walls, Gotham EP

Each of the three tracks on Ten Walls’ Gotham EP touches a distinct style rooted in house, but each grows unpredictably according to its own internal logic.

Djrum, Seven Lies

Seven Lies, the debut album from Djrum, immediately lets you know you’re where you are: right there in the long, romantic middle of UK bass.

Mr. Beatnick, Savannah EP

Savannah completes Mr. Beatnick’s Synthetes EP trilogy maintaining the mellow, memorable note the London musician hit by embedding hip-hop fragments, mosaic-like, between well-spaced kick drums.

October, Unstable Phenomenon

Verging on unpredictable but coherent enough to find a place in DJ sets, Unstable Phenomenon is another solid entry in October’s discography.

Fort Romeau, SW9

Spectral Sound delivers this new Fort Romeau EP, pairing a track that’s been floating around since the release of Kingdoms with a dub version and a Lowtec remix.