Author Archive: Richard Brophy

Marcel Dettmann, Translation EP

With one ear listening to the past and the other firmly pressed against the door that leads to the future, Translation shows that there is no danger of Dettmann staying in the same place for too long.

Various Artists, Twentyfour Ways

Smallville’s Twentyfour Ways largely finds its cohort avoiding the pitfalls of following too close to their sources of inspiration. Christopher Rau, Smallpeople, C-Beams and Benjamin Brunn feature.

Floorplan, Sanctified EP

It has long been known that Robert Hood is a deeply religious person, but Sanctified contains his most explicit musical expression of this part of his life.

The Express, First Class

In many ways, The Express’s First Class defines much that is right and wrong with techno in 2011.

Redshape, In Trust We Space

In Trust We Space finds Redshape returning the sounds of his first few EPs while teasing out some of the ideas first initiated on his debut album.

Myriadd, Beyond This Life

Beyond This Life finds the mysterious Myriadd both prostrating themselves before the altar of Chicago house and offering some of his or her own visions as well.

Chicago Shags, Irrational Excess

Chicago Shags’ latest effort contains all those endearing qualities — warmth, soul, rawness — that most modern producers have squeezed out of their work, leaving it cold and emasculated.

Meschi, Shifting Harbour EP

When falling sales dictate that even well-known labels ensure each release contains killer dance floor tracks, it’s refreshing to hear a record like Meschi’s Shifting Harbour EP being put out without regard for such issues.

Shifted, Avian 1

While Shifted’s Mote Evolver release was reminiscent of new school artists like Samuli Kemppi and the Syndrome Z joint called to mind Detroit techno given a contemporary twist, this debut on Shifted’s own label teems with other possibilities.

Sleeparchive, Ronan Point

After three years of silence, Sleeparchive’s Ronan EP for Tresor marks his return to the dance floor world.

Reggie Dokes, Haiti

It’s fair to say that Haiti, Reggie Dokes’ second outing on Clone’s Royal Oak offshoot, is as close to perfection as modern dance music gets.

Donato Dozzy, Acid Test 03

Donato’s Dozzy’s latest missive for Absurd Recordings’ Acid Test is enjoyable, but is it enough to justify the massive outpouring of fanboy love reserved for each of his releases?

Conforce, State of Mind

On State Of Mind for Clone Basement Series, Conforce shows he has the requisite talent for his work to stand apart from the average producer.

Obtane & Giorgio Gigli, The Incredible Tale of Secret Journey Through Your Eyes

On the latest Zooloft release it quickly becomes clear that owner Obtane and frequent collaborator Giorgio Gigli are deeply concerned about every piece of the jigsaw, no matter how trivial it may seem.

Shifted, Reach

Release number two from Szare’s Syndrome Z imprint features yet another mystery producer, Shifted.

Robert Hood, Alpha/The Family

M-Planet selects UK producer James Ruskin to remix “Alpha,” the first single from Robert Hood’s recent Omega album.

Jeff Derringer, Tarantula

Although Oktave founder/resident Jeff Derringer has relocated to Chicago, Tarantula serves as a reminder of New York’s contributions since the early ’90s.

Marcel Dettmann, Factory Report

Those expecting Marcel Dettmann’s Factory Report to be another industrial-flecked slab, should get ready for something else entirely.

Octave One, Revisited Series 2

On Revisited 2, Sandwell District and Aril Brikha take on the nearly impossible task of improving on hits by Octave One.