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Recordkeepers: John Cellura of Bent Crayon

LWE launches a new series of features focused on people who are often overlooked in dance music journalism: the record shop owners and clerks who’ve provided access to and shaped the tastes of countless record buyers. We begin with Keith Pishnery’s interview with John Cellura of Bent Crayon, in Cleveland Ohio.

Goth-Trad, New Epoch

Goth-Trad’s first LP in seven years, New Epoch, is an excellent example of his restless and wide vision that draws upon early dubstep elements.

Om Unit, Transport

Om Unit’s last release of 2011, Transport, arrives on Civil Music, which also hosted his The Timps EP earlier in the year.

Teebs, Collection 01

Less composed than 2010’s Ardour, the mixtape-like feel of Teebs’ Collection 01 offers a snapshot of one period in his progression as a producer.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Africa Hitech

While touring the U.S. Africa Hitech found time to chat with LWE about their history, influences, working together, and what the future holds.

Modeselektor, Monkeytown

There is a fine line between cohesion and discontinuity. Thankfully Modeselektor’s latest album, the self-referentially titled Monkeytown, trends toward the former.

Emika, Emika

Emika is an album about sounds and spaces, with haunting, fragile vocals that flit through wide open rhythms and melodies that echo resoundingly over top.

Zed Bias, Biasonic Hotsauce – Birth of the Nanocloud

Biasonic Hotsauce – Birth of the Nanocloud boasts 12 collaborators over the course of 18 tracks and it feels very much like a mixtape.

Various Artists, Surreal Estate

Surreal Estate, featuring Sepalcure, Distal, Salva and more, mixes everything from house to hip-hop, dubstep to juke, and all of the electronic funk that sitting in-between.

Kahn, Illy/Tehran

Like his first transmission for Punch Drunk Records, Kahn’s Illy/Tehran is a powerful but uneven record.

Roll The Dice, In Dust

By eschewing the clean and pure sound of their earlier work, Roll The Dice’s In Dust gains a warmer and more human feel.

Cosmin TRG, Simulat

A closer look at Cosmin TRG’s debut album, Simulat, finds that underneath and between the 4/4 is a strangely psychedelic and otherworldly approach to melody and rhythm.

King Midas Sound, Goodbye Girl/Earth A Kill Ya

With the announcement of Without You, a collection of remixes of the 2009 King Midas Sound album, Waiting For You, Kevin Martin’s unique vision is once again being examined.

Leyland Kirby, Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 2

While Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 2 feels more in line with his previous efforts, Leyland Kirby provides yet another facet of beautiful noise exploration.

eLan, Alligator Snaps

With Alligator Snaps, the middle EP in a trilogy for Monkeytown, the San Diego-based eLan has gotten downright swampy,

Echologist, Subterranean

The second Echologist album, Subterranean, explores the possibilities of forgoing most of the kicks and snares often associated with dub techno.

Miles, Facets

Miles Whittaker’s latest, Facets, for long time home Modern Love, is tellingly published under his own name and represents some of the most personal music he has made.

Pixelord, Iron and Cream

Seemingly in response to the proliferation of the wild 8-bit sound, Pixelord’s Iron and Cream on Leisure System is a much more subtle and mature take on electronic swagger.

Ossie, Set The Tone

With his new EP for Hyperdub, Set The Tone, Ossie attempts to capture a particularly unique strain of funky house with three tracks of varying degrees of similarity.