LWE Podcast 162: Recondite LWE Podcast 162: Recondite

Wanting to delve deeper into the world of Recondite, Little White Earbuds got in touch to talk about his studio, why he’s not likely to be remixing many other producers, and just where German cock-rockers Rammstein fit into his work. He put together a live set of his own productions for us that makes up our 162nd exclusive podcast. He suggests you listen to it in the back seat of a car, high on summer sun and natural combustibles, but we think its brilliance is likely to hit you no matter where you hear it.

LWE Podcast 161: K-HAND LWE Podcast 161: K-HAND

LWE tracked down Hand to find out more about her career, her formative influences and what’s going on with Acacia Records. She also mixed our 161st exclusive podcast, which shows off her particular tastes and incredible skills on the decks.

LWE Podcast 160: Auntie Flo LWE Podcast 160: Auntie Flo

Wanting to quiz the producer about his artist name, his penchant for African music and a whole lot else, LWE opened up the lines of communication. As well as filling us in on all of our queries, we were also rewarded with a stunning mix that spans continents, refuses to sit still, celebrates the 3rd birthday of the Highlife party and is also our 160th exclusive podcast.

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