Author Archive: Keith Pishnery

Deadbeat, Drawn & Quartered

Deadbeat’s latest album, Drawn & Quartered, is a sometimes dark, sometimes effortlessly beautiful foray into deep rhythms and floating synthesis.

Spatial, Infra001-4

Infra001-4 is a remarkable charting of not only Spatial’s output, but also of the mutating sounds of dance music over the past couple years as well.

Venetian Snares, Cubist Reggae

Venetian Snares resurfaces on his longtime label with Cubist Reggae, four tracks of throwback dub reggae that is strangely pretty at times.

Samiyam, Sam Baker’s Album

Samiyam’s Sam Baker’s Album it’s not so much derivative of Dilla’s work as it is a slightly different aperture setting on the same camera.

Boxcutter, The Dissolve

Despite some stellar tracks and ideas, the sum of The Dissolve‘s parts just doesn’t add up to a coherent whole.

Vessel, Nylon Sunset

The inaugural release from left_blank by Vessel is exemplary of the most modern takes on garage which comes complete with a lean Peverelist remix.

Hyetal, Broadcast

Broadcast, Hyetal’s debut album on Black Acre, finds him moving further into introspection, as well as pushing retro tones and laboriously paced rhythms.

Africa HiTech, 93 Million Miles

Africa Hitech’s 93 Million Miles has one of the most unique arcs of any album in recent memory, a progression of sound that might best be described as backwards time travel, something the title alludes to.

Lando Kal, Further/Time Out

One half of Lazer Sword follows his Numbers-released split EP with the compelling Further/Time Out single for Hotflush Recordings.

Leyland Kirby, Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 1

Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 1 is at once a shocking change in sound and also right in line for an artist that not only continually reinvents himself but also the notion of music.

Addison Groove, This Is It/Make Um Bounce

Addison Groove’s latest single for Tectonic shows more restraint and subtlety than “Footcrab” while adding the influences of techno, house and acid.

Burial, Street Halo EP

On Street Halo, his first new release in four years, Burial shrugs off expectations and hews closely to what he’s done before.

Mokira, Time Axis Manipulation Remixes

On this three-part 10″ series for Kontra-Musik, Mokira’s shift towards dubbed rhythms is ideally suited to being remixed by Silent Servant, Echospace, and Redshape.

Blawan, Bohla EP

After debuting last year on the Hessle Audio, Blawan moves to stalwart Belgian label R&S Records for the Bohla EP.

Optimum, Light Year/DS10

Optimum’s new 12″ for his and Ikonika’s Hum + Buzz label is stripped down to the essentials that relentlessly pummel listeners.

B.H.F.V., ET 01

Live At Robert Johnson label manager Oliver Hafenbauer and Arto Mwambe’s CB Funk deliver two slices of funky dance music that reach back into the sounds of the early ’80s and update them for 2011.

Photek, Avalanche EP

The Avalanche EP, Photek’s first new release since 2007, maintains the sound signature of his seminal work but is also informed by 21st century bass music.

Deaf Center, Owl Splinters

Six years after their debut full-length, Deaf Center make a welcome return to Type Records with the new LP, Owl Splinters.

L-Wiz, Straitjacket/4.42 OZ

On their latest single, L-Wiz focus on laid-back rhythms that feel at home with American R&B melodies, all while pushing through plenty of low end.