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Rene Hell, Vanilla Call Option

For Vanilla Call Option, his first recording for PAN, Rene Hell introduces a new chapter, delivering a menacingly playful sort of electroacoustic music.

Luke Wyatt, Teen Hawk / Torn Hawk & Karen Gwyer, Cowboys (For Karen)

Luke Wyatt’s two latest releases illustrate how he has moved from somewhat naïve explorations to a more solidified style.

Lawrence, Films & Windows

Films & Windows, the sixth LP from Peter Kersten under his Lawrence guise, is also the producer’s most club-oriented album.

Blondes, Swisher

The nine tracks on sophomore album Swisher are more intricate than anything Blondes have come up with before, but they’ve also done a fine job at sustaining a sense of immediacy.

2Q Reports 2013: Overlooked Records

For LWE’s second 2Q Report of 2013, staff writer Steve Kerr scanned the year’s many releases and chose five which didn’t get their due.

Asusu, Velez

The list of elements on Asusu’s Velez is economical, but the producer’s skill at modulating them shines through.

Ital, Workshop 18

Luckily for fans of his early releases, Ital’s first record for seminal German imprint Workshop revives their surreal palette.

LWE Interviews Joey Anderson

In this interview, Little White Earbuds asks Joey Anderson about his roots, his methods, and his future, which looks just as bright as his Tri-State peers’.

RP Boo, Legacy

RP Boo has released very few tracks officially; ignoring Dude Off 59th Street, a mix of mostly of his own tracks, it’s fair to call Legacy his debut. It’s also the best footwork LP in some time.

LWE’s Guide to Mutek 2013

The collisions between approaches, ages, and genres has always made for an interesting five days, and this year’s installment, which runs from May 29th to June 2nd, looks to be no different. LWE selected our picks for this year’s edition here.

MGUN, If You’re Reading This

If You’re Reading This is MGUN’s second effort for London imprint Don’t Be Afraid, and like its predecessor, The Upstairs Apt., it shows Gonzales’s more accessible side.

Terrence Dixon, Giant Robot

Darren Cunningham has long acknowledged Detroit minimalist Terrence Dixon as an influence on his work as Actress, but it has taken years for the two to actually appear on a record together.

KMFH, The Boat Party

The Boat Party, Kyle Hall’s first full-length, offers him a chance to consolidate the assorted aspects of the sound he’s been developing since 2007.

Daywalker + CF, You Only Live Once

Willie Burns and Entro Senestre debut their collaboration as Daywalker + CF on L.I.E.S. on the almost humorously titled, You Only Live Once.

Tazz, Science Friction

The roving sounds of Tazz come to rest once again on Adam Marshall’s New Kanada label for Science Friction, which includes a Presk remix.

Area, Bourbon Skies

“Bourbon Skies” for the much hyped Russian label ARMA hesitantly builds on Area’s reputation, with a pair of heavyweight remixers (DJ Sprinkles and Vakula) in tow.

Flori, Foldings

The Aim label seems like a natural match for Flori’s sound — his take on deep house is usually subtle and prizes sound design over giant hooks.

Various Artists, Into The Light: A Journey Into Greek Electronic Music, Classics & Rarities (1978-1991)

Into The Light: A Journey Into Greek Electronic Music, Classics & Rarities (1978-1991) is a rare bird that unfurls like a Mancuso-style DJ mix in a range of styles and years.

Anom Vitruv, Untitled

Anom Vitruv packs an abundance of ideas into a small space, and does so with grace on this new, untitled 7″.