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A Made Up Sound, Ahead / Endgame

A Made Up Sound’s latest doesn’t have much to do with Theo Parrish’s “Any Other Styles,” but its strategically incoherent aesthetic delivers a similar shock.

A Made Up Sound, Take The Plunge

Take The Plunge, the latest from Dave Huismans’ A Made Up Sound guise/label, may have you wondering, “Is that seriously the hook?”

LWE Podcast 57: 2562 vs A Made Up Sound is archived this week

LWE’s 57th exclusive podcast is full of fresh and exciting cuts from all corners of dance music. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, August 5th.

Little White Earbuds October Charts 2010

01. Marcel Fengler, “Rapture” [Ostgut Ton]
02. Mauser, “Blackman” [Synapsis Records]
03. Ripperton, “At Peace” (I:Cube Tape Mix) [Green]
04. Julio Bashmore, “Footsteppin'” [Ten Thousand Yen]
05. A Made Up Sound, “Rear Window” [Delsin]
06. Nebraska, “Arrondissement” [Rush Hour Recordings]
07. Elgato, “Blue” [Hessle Audio]
08. James Blake, “I Only Know (What I Know Now)” [R&S]
09. Seuil, “Nine Clouds” [New Kanada]
10. Chicago Skyway, “Resolution M” [Uzuri]

A Made Up Sound, Alarm/Crisis

Viewing dubstep from the perspective of techno and especially house, A Made Up Sound is a essentially a metaphor for current trends where house and dubstep are the hot combination.

LWE Podcast 57: 2562 vs A Made Up Sound

We caught up with Dave Huismans to chat about his recent activity, the difference between his monikers, as well as some of his current favorites. He also provided our exclusive 57th podcast, full of fresh and exciting cuts from all corners of dance music.

A Made Up Sound, Sun Touch

Throw a stone anywhere in house and techno and you’ll hit a production alias. Plenty of producers release music under a couple of different names, but only a handful have been able to embody each persona so fully that none of them feels like a side project. Rene Pawlowitz, whose aliases have gone so far as to remix each other, is one of those producers. Dave Huismans, the Dutch bass juggernaut whose A Made Up Sound project Pawlowitz championed on his Subsolo imprint, has proven himself to be another. The softer side of 2562, AMOS lets balmy house syrup flow over chapped dubstep knuckles, and the combination has made for some of Huismans’s juiciest and most effective material. So it’s no wonder there’s a lot riding on AMOS’s latest self-released sides, especially for anyone who heard his house-flecked “Rework/Closer” 12″ last year and still has goosebumps. Hardly the house coming-out party you might have expected (if anything, his 2562 full-length Unbalance pretty well accomplished that), “Sun Touch” instead finds the flecks of wiggly, pale house that distinguish Huismans’s personae burrowing even deeper into the spaces between all that jagged steppin’. It’s another stand-out AMUS record, but he’s hardly just showing off.

A Made Up Sound, Rework/Closer

After falling under dubstep’s spell, Dave Huismans was, like a lot of people, eager to get his hands dirty and produce some tracks of his own. However, situated as he was in the Hague — well outside the South London epicenter of the day — he was hesitant to jump into a genre whose impact, at that time, had a lot to do with the insular vitality of its scene. He finally gave in, though, by embracing his outsider status. Banking on differences in background, geography, and taste to, in his words, “add a different sound to the spectrum,” his early forays into dubstep found a distinct voice that, among other things, drew heavily on techno. In turn, the more overtly techno productions he’s recorded since then for his A Made Up Sound project have tended to sound gripped by an enthusiasm for dubstep, which, interestingly enough, has made him something of an outsider in techno as well. It’s a status he seems comfortable with, allowing the AMUS brand to operate outside any scene narrative or, for that matter, pat auteurist line. It hasn’t stopped these records from finding an audience, either. Indeed, there’s been enough interest that Huismans has dedicated a new label to A Made Up Sound. “Rework/Closer” is its first release.

Quantec, A Ray of Hope EP

[Echocord Colour] Echocord’s offshoot imprint Echocord Colour is meant to allow for a bit more stretching to the standard label’s Berlin-influenced dub-techno sound, and the first two releases have indeed pushed the boundaries further than what is usually heard on the parental label. Echocord Colour’s third limited-edition, colored-vinyl (this time a gorgeous marbled canary yellow) […]