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LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2012 (21-25)

LWE’s Top 5 EPs of 2012

In LWE’s first year-end column associate editor, Chris Miller, picks five of the oft-overlooked EP format’s best releases in 2012.

2562, Air Jordan

Oddities have always run through Dave Huismans’ music, but his latest record for his own label When In Doubt is quite a bit different from anything we’ve ever heard from him.

A Made Up Sound, Take The Plunge

Take The Plunge, the latest from Dave Huismans’ A Made Up Sound guise/label, may have you wondering, “Is that seriously the hook?”

LWE Podcast 57: 2562 vs A Made Up Sound is archived this week

LWE’s 57th exclusive podcast is full of fresh and exciting cuts from all corners of dance music. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, August 5th.

2562, Fever

Fever has Dave Huismans diving back into the cruel mechanical whiplash of his second album under the 2562 guise, Unbalance.

Brackles, Songs For Endless Cities

Techno, hip-hop, dubstep and funky all make appearances on Songs For Endless Cities and Brackles treats them all the same, creating one groove line throughout the hour.

LWE Podcast 57: 2562 vs A Made Up Sound

We caught up with Dave Huismans to chat about his recent activity, the difference between his monikers, as well as some of his current favorites. He also provided our exclusive 57th podcast, full of fresh and exciting cuts from all corners of dance music.

LWE’s Top 5 EPs of 2009

When we make our year end lists we divide our favorite music into two categories: albums and singles. But the definition of an album is constantly shifting as evinced when Shackleton declared Three EPs was not an album but rather, well, three EPs. While many will still slot the release into their albums list, it got me thinking. Between singles and albums lists we miss a crucial group, especially for electronic music: the 12″ EP. More than a single but not quite an LP, the 12″ allows producers to execute their vision over the course of around 20 minutes. For me, these records contained some 2009’s best music.

2562, Unbalance

Just a year after releasing his debut album, Aerial, Dave Huismans is back for more with his sophomore long-player under the 2562 moniker, Unbalance. So far the the critical consensus has been that Aerial was overcast and perhaps a bit brooding while Unbalance is chipper and full of color, but those looking for a smile should head elsewhere. Indeed, Unbalance does find Huismans allowing the most color yet into his steely palate, but more than any other dubstep album this year it demands you sit down and listen; there will be time for dancing later. An appropriate title as any, Huismans’ beats are rough and shattered, tipping every which way while defeated synths descend in their own time.

A Made Up Sound, Rework/Closer

After falling under dubstep’s spell, Dave Huismans was, like a lot of people, eager to get his hands dirty and produce some tracks of his own. However, situated as he was in the Hague — well outside the South London epicenter of the day — he was hesitant to jump into a genre whose impact, at that time, had a lot to do with the insular vitality of its scene. He finally gave in, though, by embracing his outsider status. Banking on differences in background, geography, and taste to, in his words, “add a different sound to the spectrum,” his early forays into dubstep found a distinct voice that, among other things, drew heavily on techno. In turn, the more overtly techno productions he’s recorded since then for his A Made Up Sound project have tended to sound gripped by an enthusiasm for dubstep, which, interestingly enough, has made him something of an outsider in techno as well. It’s a status he seems comfortable with, allowing the AMUS brand to operate outside any scene narrative or, for that matter, pat auteurist line. It hasn’t stopped these records from finding an audience, either. Indeed, there’s been enough interest that Huismans has dedicated a new label to A Made Up Sound. “Rework/Closer” is its first release.

2562, Embrace/Hijack

[3024] Yes! Another tune that puts the step back in dubstep and this one is exquisite. “Embrace/Hijack” is the latest left turn by Dave Huismans, aka 2562, whose alias is derived from the area code where he lives in The Hague. After a handful of singles and a full length for Tectonic, this latest effort […]