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Black Jazz Consortium, Codes and Metaphors 3

Given the rich, sample-heavy weave of Fred P’s productions, the influence of mid-90s UK broken-beat is used to great effect throughout the hazy, jazz-infused jams of Codes and Metaphors 3.

Aybee, Worlds

Worlds is a unique mélange of deep house, Sun Ra, hip-hop, and the radioactive background glow of Autechre’s Amber, among other coordinates, but stands out as a work of deliberate individuality.

LWE Podcast 101: Aybee is archived this week

LWE’s 101st podcast, by Aybee, was an exploration of his Deepblak label’s deep and soulful house. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, September 21st.

LWE Podcast 101: Aybee

LWE caught up with Aybee to talk about Deepblak, the perils of accessibility and why his label mates are more like brothers than musical peers. He also provided us with our 101st exclusive podcast, an intimate collection of past and future Deepblak classics that will slowly rush over you like a rising tide.

DJ Jus-Ed, I’m Comin’

Despite dividing opinion in its original version, the Aybee and Levon Vincent remixes of Jus-Ed’s “I’m Comin'” are more likely to bring fans back together.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Albums

So in the last six months, why have I, in my capacity as a dance music writer, been pitching reviews of dance albums week in and week out? I think it’s because I’ve noticed something funny happening with dance music albums.

Aybee, Ancient Tones

Despite its inauspicious beginnings, Aybee ends up making one hell of a statement on his cassette tape-only album, Ancient Tones.