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LWE Reviews Movement 2014

The first of two festival reviews starts with LWE’s report on Movement Festival 2014.

LWE’s Guide to Movement 2012 Afterparties

LWE has assembled a tightly curated guide to this year’s afterparties rather than something comprehensive. While we’ve still showcased a handful of parties — the ones you’ll likely catch us at — pretty much everything on here will be a good time for those who dig the line-ups.

LWE’s Movement 2010 Review

As May rolls around each year, many dance music fans in America and around the world instinctively reach for their wallets and begin making preparations for Detroit’s annual electronic music festival, Movement.

LWE’s Movement 09 Round Up

For many electronic music fans in America’s Midwest, the most anticipated event of each year is Movement: Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival, and for good reason. In spite of the reverence DJs and producer express for the region as the birthplace of house and techno, the Midwest is often passed over by DJs and producers whose U.S. tours reach no farther than New York and Los Angeles or San Francisco. While the reasons for this are too complex to tackle here, suffice it to say many Midwesterners — and those who travel from far and wide — relish the one time DJs and musicians annually descend upon Detroit en masse. It’s also a chance for Detroit’s homegrown talent to strut their stuff for larger audiences who seldom make it to the Motor City.

LWE’s Guide to Movement 09 Afterparties

After the last kick drum rattles through Hart Plaza each night, fest-goers still craving more techno and house will not go hungry. In fact, fans are spoiled for choice this year with a surfeit of afterparties that cater to all sorts of tastes and budgets. You could even skip the festival all together and just attend afterparties and still feel like you’ve had a complete Movement experience. But with so many parties to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not — LWE is here to break things down and offer our recommendations for where you should end up each night.