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Various Artists, Udacha 6

True to the label’s ideals, parts of Udacha 6 feel genuinely improvised — a nice change to the rigidly-structured pieces we mostly hear.

Roman Flügel, Even More

When it comes to Roman Flügel, imposing boundaries is a bad idea. Even More, an entry for Serge’s Clone Jack For Daze venture, proves disappointingly restricted.

Cosmin TRG, Gordian

Gordian, Cosmin TRG’s sophomore album, maintains a certain familiarity while providing a more introspective exploration of his sound.

Murat Tepeli, Fee Fi Foe Funk For Me

On Fee Fi Foe Funk For Me, Murat Tepeli and his remixers — Prosumer and Damiano von Eckert — display a deft grasp of hooks which make for a solid EP.

LWE Interviews Alex Smoke

Once again, the frank and cheerful Alex Smoke seems poised to capture the public consciousness, this time possessed with a confidence and maturity his 23-year-old self could hardly have imagined. LWE spoke to the Scotsman recently about his next steps.

John Daly, The Breakthrough

After producing two stunning and very different albums last year, John Daly is back on the 12″ trail and no doubt keen to shoot off in some new direction.

John Beltran, Amazing Things

Amazing Things is John Beltran’s first album in six years, showcasing plenty that’s familiar from his past, while still keeping a few tricks up its sleeve.

Pépé Bradock, Acid Test 07

The latest installment in the Acid Test series sees respected Frenchman Pépé Bradock take the reigns, leading off in a new — and yes, fresh-sounding — direction.

Various Artists, Udacha 5

Udacha’s fifth release, like the four before it, shines the spotlight on a handful of unknown producers whose sounds slot handily into the Russian label’s catalog.

Conforce, Time Dilation

Time Dilation, Conforce’s latest 12″, continues his present trajectory, traversing the same luminescent, cavernous and dub-influenced realms of recent times.

Shakarchi & Stranéus, Femman EP

Shakarchi & Stranéus, the authors of Geography Records’ inaugural 12″, have been recalled for the label’s fifth release with typically watertight results.

G String, Burial Grounds EP

The Burial Grounds EP sees R-A-G and Crystal Maze member, Gijs Poortman, reprise his G String alias for his first solo record.

Christopher Rau, In the Water

Staying fairly true to his habit of making better singles than albums, Christopher Rau’s final 12″ for 2012 shows off some of his less common facets.

DIVA, Paris Stabbing

A project devoted to the spirit of Jocelyn Brown, Lolleatta Holloway, and other such vocalists, DIVA in fact takes a freeform, analog-sounding approach to composition on Paris Stabbing.

Sankt Göran, Local Legend

Crime City Disco’s sixth record, by Gothenburg’s Sankt Göran (“Saint George”), is neither deep nor slow — it’s positively hands-in-the-air.

Manhooker, Wheels In Motion EP

Proving to have the same versatility as its parent label, Unterton shifts gears into proper house song territory with Manhooker’s flamboyant debut.

Benjamin Brunn, A Sun Life

A Sun Life, Brunn’s second album of 2012, takes a much looser and simpler approach to concept — if it even has one, that is.

LWE’s Top 5 Overrated Tracks of 2012

For our fifth and last year-end column, staff writer Nick Connellan takes the top five overrated tracks of 2012 to task.

Benedikt Frey, Running In Circles

From the fresh-faced Benedikt Frey — who cut his debut record at the start of this year — Running in Circles shows off two distinct facets of his musical personality.