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LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2013

For our third year-end column, staff writer Harry Sword runs down LWE’s top 5 labels of 2013.

LWE Podcast 186: Gunnar Haslam

Without any real information on Haslam, LWE sought to unearth some vital facts about the New Yorker and charged him with putting together our 186th exclusive podcast. The resulting mix is 85 minutes of top notch techno that reflects both the dance floor and more cerebral sides of Haslam and is a vital listen no matter what your personal preference is.

LWE Podcast 178: Bookworms

Bookworms has earned quite the reputation as a live performer — evidence of which can be found right here in our exclusive 178th podcast, a live set recorded in Chicago. We caught up with him recently to discuss everything from Playstation to his recording process to badass DJ names.

Samantha Vacation, Samantha’s Vacation / Postcards from Mssr Perdu

Sensate Focus meets footwork on LIES016.5, the latest installment of Ron Morelli’s between-the-integers series.

LWE Podcast 172: Svengalisghost

Little White Earbuds got on the phone with Svengalisghost to talk about what informs his work, his many different musical projects, and why his music is designed to present you with an unflattering account of reality. He also provided us with our 172nd podcast, a thrilling and visceral live set from his recent appearance at Recyclart in Brussels for the Meakusa label night.

Gunnar Haslam, Mimesiak

The debut album of Gunnar Haslam, an unknown producer from New York City, feels at ease in the L.I.E.S. stable while expanding the range of sounds its constituents are known for.


With YYYYYYYYYY, Terekke takes the dubby, tape hiss saturated sound of his debut even further, pushing out to space.

LWE Interviews Steve Summers

In advance of his live PA this Saturday at Smart Bar, LWE caught up with Steve Summers about his recent shift towards the noisier side of things, his live set, and more.

2Q Reports 2012: Labels

For our final 2Q report, Tyson Wray navigates the sea of labels to select five whose output has been top notch.

Talking Shopcast with Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S)

Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.) is exemplary of the private press label renaissance of recent years. LWE sat down with Morelli to discuss the label’s prolific last year and future plans, his straightforward A&R choices, and his feelings on New York’s contemporary club scene. He also contributed Talking Shopcast 15, an effortlessly diverse and eminently replayable mix recorded before his shift at A1 Records.

SvengalisGhost, Mind Control

With Mind Control, L.I.E.S. continues to showcase labelhead Ron Morelli’s propensity for making the most of previously unknown producers.

Xosar, Tropical Cruize

Xosar’s music has been floating around the internet for awhile, but Tropical Cruize is the San Francisco producer’s first official release.

Legowelt, Sark Island Acid

Sark Island Acid, Legowelt’s first 12″ for the L.I.E.S. label, features three of his most ambitious compositions thus far.