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Motorcitysoul, Solar/Hatohay EP

[Simple Records] You’d be forgiven for thinking that Motorcitysoul’s name is a nod in the direction of Detroit, but in actual fact the German duo of Matthias Vogt and C-Rock cite the Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Frankfurt as the inspiration for their moniker. Nevertheless, their productions owe a debt to the cultural house heritage of […]

Pépé Bradock, Pistes Insolites Vol. 3

[Atavisme] Underlying Pépé Bradock’s production genius is a vein of weirdness which has grown wider and more prominent at surface level with each passing year. Its influence in the direction and aesthetic of Bradock’s work was apparent even in his relatively straightforward French deep-house tracks from the 90’s,  with a willingness to disengage from four-to-the-floor […]

LWE Podcast 10: Andomat 3000

Andreas Wiegand didn’t have much to say when answering our interview questions, but critics and clubbers alike have been quite noisy in their appreciation for his music as Andomat 3000. Retooling his career after years as DJ Mahatma, Wiegand (and Jan) turned heads with the massive “L Delay” for Cadenza, and he’s only gotten better since. His barbed and tightly laced “Cognitive Dissonance” helped propel Cécille Records into the spotlight before splashing his tracky, jazz-influenced aesthetic across releases and remixes for Four:Twenty, Platzhirsch Schallplatten, Poker Flat, Einmaleins Musik, REKIDS, and Cocoon, among others. For our 10th podcast, Wiegand opted for an exclusive live set crafted solely with unreleased tracks, offering a spectacular keyhole view into the future sounds of Andomat 3000. Given the nature of this beast the tracklist is necessarily sketchy, but few will have time to care when the irresistible, pumping rhythms draw you far from your computer.

Bvdub, Wish I Was Here

[Millions of Moments] Like any self-respecting trainspotter worth their salt, when I come across a producer whose music moves me, I need to find out more about them. Learning that San Francisco native Bvdub has been producing music for less than two years came as a huge shock, but deeper digging revealed a musical pundit […]

Ezekiel Honig, Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band

[Anticipate Recordings] New Yorker Ezekiel Honig’s ambient music does what the genre promises but often fails to deliver: through careful arrangement of and attention to sonorous material, it creates an environment that’s quietly seductive and almost supine. Its attention to texture is finely detailed, but it’s not showy about its exacting nature. Rather, on Surfaces […]

Omar-S, The Further You Look – The Less You Will See

[FXHE Records] There’s a tendency to describe Alex O. Smith, the owner of FXHE Records who is better known as Omar-S, as “enigmatic” or “mysterious,” but the latter is not something that Smith has spent much time cultivating. Smith is a prankster, with a strong tendency to, in his own words, “fuck with people.” So […]

Win tickets to Fabric, Nov. 22nd

Oh, you lucky English ducks. Lots of good music to be heard at Fabric on Saturday, November 22nd, and we’re going to help you experience it for free. Room one offers Pedro (better known as Petre Inspirescu), a live set from Half Hawaii (Sammy Dee and Bruno Pronsato), and a DJ set from Mr. Dee […]

Margaret Dygas, See You Around

[Non Standard Productions] For a producer who seems enthralled with a quintessential set of musicians and entertainers (as evinced by her top Myspace friends), Margaret Dygas’ latest release could hardly be further from the norms and standards of dance music. The Polish producer’s thorny and compellingly off-kilter debut for Contexterrior hinted at experimental instincts, and […]

LWE Interviews Dave Aju (part 2)

Photo by dCOY In part two of our interview with Dave Aju, we discuss the balance between fun and function, the reception to his music, and his plans for the coming year.

LWE Interviews Dave Aju

Photo by de’fchild productions (defchild.com) Marc Barrite, better known as the producer/DJ Dave Aju, once quoted George Clinton when describing his musical mission, aspiring to “rescue dance music from the blahs.” But a more popular Clinton quote tidily sums up the San Franciscan’s approach to making music: “Free your mind and your ass will follow.” […]

Kassem Mosse, Aqueous Haze (The World Dissappeared Into An)

[Mikrodisko Recordings] Since he began making music in 2003, Kassem Mosse has kept a pretty low profile. He has only a handful of releases, most of which were released on the tiny (but badass) label Mikrodisko Recordings. Nonetheless, he’s garnered some significant attention: the A-side from his Workshop release appeared on Ellen Allien’s Boogy Bytes […]

Recloose, Perfect Timing

[Sonar Kollektiv] Matthew Chicoine, aka Recloose, would be hard enough to pin down even if he hadn’t recently upped sticks and moved to a beautiful coastal hamlet in New Zealand. His famed “demo-on-rye” entry into the world of dance music certainly would have put him on the map even if he made average, interchangeable music. […]

Santiago Salazar/Silent Servant, Santuario/Lo Profundo

[Historia y Violencia] Imagining hitherto un-thought of couplings can be an amusing pastime; animals being able to cross species breed; chessgammon, the new board game for the weary pawn; vodka ibuprofen mixers, the preventative refresher. Of course they can prove to go horribly wrong too; “Alien Vs Predator” and a McCain/Palin ticket, just for example. […]

Little White Earbuds October Charts

Chart courtesy of The Economist. 01. C.B. Funk, “Subway to Cologne” [Story] (buy) It didn’t take long for the cloak of anonymity to be yanked off Story’s inaugural release, but it’s difficult to blame listeners for wanting to know its source. “Subway to Cologne” may be the best work yet from Christian Beißwenger, better known […]

Quantec, A Ray of Hope EP

[Echocord Colour] Echocord’s offshoot imprint Echocord Colour is meant to allow for a bit more stretching to the standard label’s Berlin-influenced dub-techno sound, and the first two releases have indeed pushed the boundaries further than what is usually heard on the parental label. Echocord Colour’s third limited-edition, colored-vinyl (this time a gorgeous marbled canary yellow) […]

Sascha Dive, Deepest America

[Ornaments] The third release on the mysterious, limited edition Ornaments label looks to be the highest profile yet. The original August 2007 release of Sascha Dive’s “Deepest America” on Deep Vibes Recordings included two mixes by his alter ego, Samuel Davis, and this release features a third, the Dark Soul Mix. While it’s a funky […]

Swayzak, Bunny Girl EP

[Swayzak Recordings] It’s been over ten years since the duo of James Taylor and David Brown started releasing their particular brand of deep techno under their piss-take bastardization of Patrick Swayze’s name. They’ve toyed with dub, electroclash and hip-hop along the way, but generally their records have been brooding, emotive techno that is minimal in […]

Barack Obama for President

Taking a break from techno/house, LWE’s editor in chief offers a few thoughts on the election. Unlike many democracies whose election seasons often resemble a month long sprint, America’s presidential campaigns have grown into epic marathons lasting up to two years. That may seem excessive on the face of things, but it’s proven a great […]

Move D & Benjamin Brunn, New Horizon

[Smallville Records] Six months since the release of Move D and Benjamin Brunn’s acclaimed full length, a few more dollops have dripped from the beehive. On “New Horizon,” our duo get a bit more mileage out of the syrupy palette that characterized Songs From the Beehive, but replace the drowsy rhythms with peppier booms and […]

LWE Podcast 09: Pär Grindvik

As owner of the record shop Illegal Stockholm, Pär Grindvik established himself as a pillar of Sweden’s techno scene in the 90’s; the next step was making releases to appear on its shelves. His stark, rhythmically-focused productions cloud the air with delightfully malicious tension that only his breakdowns can resolve, fitting in well on Drumcode, Spectral Sound, Syndikaat Records and Truesoul. Grindvik also owns, operates and releases on Stockhold Ltd and Isles & Islets, home to Staffan Linzatti, Van Rivers, Hardcell and his own alias, The Hollow. For his exclusive new mix for LWE, Grindvik whisks listeners away to a murky, uncertain and largely unreleased world governed by drums and deep pools of delay. Grab a torch and take the plunge.